Microsoft VS/.NET Log Collection Tool

Using the Collect Utility If you encounter any setup issues, we will need all relevant logs. Please follow the instructions below to collect all those logs. Download collect.exe from the link  below. You may choose to save the tool for later use, or to run directly. The utility creates a compressed cabinet of all the… Read more

Unadvertise Features

The attached Windows Script file allows you to unadvertise features in a Windows Installer product by specifying either a ProductCode or the path to an MSP. If any features are advertised – whether incidental or intentional – the product will be reinstalled and those features added locally to your computer. Usage Repairs a Windows Installer… Read more

Windows Installer Dictionary

Attached is a Unicode-encoded, English locale-sorted text file with many table, column, API, and flag tokens you can use as a spelling dictionary in many applications including Microsoft Word and Outlook email. To support Microsoft Word, Outlook email, and other Microsoft Office products, Extract this anywhere but I recommend placing it in the same location… Read more

BITS Logging

The attached ZIP file contains scripts to both enable and disable logging for the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, or BITS. Both scripts must be run elevated so on Windows Vista or newer open an elevated command prompt and run these scripts. You may also right-click on the scripts and choose to Run as administrator. Run… Read more

Shim Database to XML

Extracts data as XML from a shim database used for application compatibility. Please leave feedback on the tool here on this page. This was developed using what little public documentation is available on MSDN as well as some experimentation at other functions that were exported from apphelp.dll, such as SdbReadBYTETag() which I reasoned follows the… Read more

Comment Policy

Comments may be made on blog posts for up to 90 days and trackbacks are currently disabled until an issue is fixed. It is unfortunately given the educational nature of this blog, but this is a way to eliminate a lot of spam. If you have questions about my post, I urge you to search… Read more

OpenSearch Discovery for this Blog

Attached is the OpenSearch Discovery document for You can also use this file in Windows 7 Federated Search. Federated Search lets you search the web and other locations for different document types all within Windows. To add this search to Windows 7, follow these simple instructions. Right-click on the attachment below. Click Save As…. Read more