What’s New in Windows Installer 4.5: Overview

The What’s New section of the Windows Installer 4.5 CHM available in the downloads section of the Windows Installer 4.5 Beta Connect site has technical details of new functionality and changes as usual, but now that we can talk about Windows Installer 4.5 I wanted to provide an overview of the new functionality. I’ll be… Read more

How Windows Installer uses Languages

Language support in Windows Installer can be confusing until you understand how Windows Installer queries for and uses languages. Some wonder why Windows Installer packages have two different places to set the language. Some wonder why, for example, localized packages install using a different language than the user’s default UI language. Some of these answers… Read more

New Locale-dependent C Runtime Functions

In “POSIX” style locale support on Windows?, Michael Kaplan, the Technical Lead for Windows Globalization, describes the existing locale-dependent functions in the C Runtime (CRT) as “unwieldy”. To compare strings, for example, using a different locale than is currently set for the process or thread you must call setlocale() to set the desired locale and to get the… Read more

The Differences between Locales and Languages

In a recent change – while we were still known as Developer Division Sustained Engineering – I addressed a functional change that relied on locales instead of languages for MUI support. I see this mistake a lot in developer forums and so I wanted to address what the difference was between a locale and languages…. Read more

Improvements to Localization in Visual Studio 2005

Designing and developing applications for the global economy can often be difficult, but the .NET Framework made globalization and localization much more simple. In Visual Studio 2005 resources are handled a little bit differently, providing you – the application developer – a class you can easily use throughout your application to access resources as their native Type. One… Read more