Better Searching with Live Search and OpenSearch Discovery

Sometime back I updated my blog to take advantage of Internet Explorer 7 by providing an OpenSearch discovery document for my blog. Since then I’ve made some changes, such as moving the OpenSearch discovery document to be hosted on this site to accommodate for differences in downtime with its previous host, and corrected my text… Read more

OpenSearch Discovery for this Blog

Attached is the OpenSearch Discovery document for You can also use this file in Windows 7 Federated Search. Federated Search lets you search the web and other locations for different document types all within Windows. To add this search to Windows 7, follow these simple instructions. Right-click on the attachment below. Click Save As…. Read more

Live Search Box

I recently added the Live Search Box to my blog, as you can see in the top right corner. This handy AJAX-enabled control allows you to use Live Search’s powerful features, and to search other Windows Installer sites using a macro I created a while back. You can see the result in the screenshot below,… Read more

Blog Customizations, Part 4: OpenSearch Discovery

I’m a big fan of extensibility, which is why I was excited to see in a recent blog post on the IE Blog about OpenSearch discovery using <link/> elements. OpenSearch is a collection of XML schemas and extensions to RSS that enables clients like Internet Explorer to interact with search results in order to discover,… Read more

Blog Customizations, Part 3: OO JavaScript

Not satisfied by the search feature provided by Community Server I’ve again created some helpful JavaScript classes this time using object-oriented JavaScript to define a basic search provider and to subclass that for specialized providers like MSN Search. I defined several private properties and several privileged methods that can access those private properties, unlike public… Read more

Blog Customizations, Part 2

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to persist your preferences for whether certain collapsible panels were in the collapsed or expanded state. With a simple ECMA-compliant wrapper class around document.cookie and a few minor changes to the CollapsiblePanel class, state for unique panels can be remembered. The cookie wrapper class is pretty straight forward: function Cookie()… Read more

Blog Customizations

In my seemingly never-ending quest to provide a simple, compact, yet stylish design for this blog I have recently made a customization based on what Josh Ledgard did sometime back to make collapsible panels, though I wanted something more easily reusable. I whipped together an ECMAScript — that is, ECMA-compliant JScript and JavaScript — class as… Read more