x86 and ia64 and x64, oh my!

With the .NET Framework 2.0 now supporting 64-bit platforms, I have begun work on upgrading our patch build system to handle 64-bit patches. It’s been quite an adventure down the yellow-brick road of 64 bitness that I think is worth sharing. Why does the .NET Framework need to support 64-bit platforms, though? While most IL modules embedded… Read more

The Differences between Locales and Languages

In a recent change – while we were still known as Developer Division Sustained Engineering – I addressed a functional change that relied on locales instead of languages for MUI support. I see this mistake a lot in developer forums and so I wanted to address what the difference was between a locale and languages…. Read more

Windows Media Center 2005

We received our Windows Media Center 2005 from Dell yesterday and I’m quite pleased. Not only is the machine a nice configuration but the capabilities of Media Center are great. There’s nothing like kicking back on the home office couch and listening to music selected via remote on your 5.1 surrouned sound system or watching recorded… Read more

New MVP: Nick Parker

It’s official: an old acquaintance of mine from DevHood that became my intern and then a close friend is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Visual C#, a member of the community that has shown outstanding commitment to helping developers (for development-oriented technologies) grow intellectually and to answer questions whenever they can. He’s been very active back… Read more

Featured blog: Developernotes.com

My buddy and former employee (intern) of mine, Nick Parker, has his blog http://developernotes.com featured on the Visual C# Development Center: Blogs page, along side the C# team’s own blog; our wonderful Microsoft Developer Network blogs you’re reading now; and some of the leading C#, Common Language Runtime (CLR), and XML developers in the world…. Read more

Spaces.msn.com comes online

Spaces.msn.com is a new MSN service that ushers Microsoft into the growing blog space and offers several nice features, such as sending messages from a mobile device via SMS to be published immediately or entered as a draft. I decided to give this a try with a personal blog and can’t wait to see what… Read more

Featured Visual C# MVPs

As I was routinely perusing the Microsoft Developer Network today I ran across a novel idea: a list of featured Visual C# MVPs. As a former Visual C# MVP myself (before coming to work for Microsoft), I think this is an excellent idea. MVPs are like the right hand of Microsoft, reaching out to the developers… Read more

Wireless Gaming

In preparation for the biggest release in entertainment history – Halo 2 – I finally decided to buy a wireless bridge. The Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter (WGA54G) seemed a little pricey at first glance, but after using it tonight I think it’s well worth it. Not only should Wireless-G (802.11g) be around for a while, but… Read more

Attack of the Tegenaria Gigantea!

No, this isn’t about another campy 80’s flick, but about the Tegenaria gigantea, or “giant house spider”. Dubbed the world’s faster spider by the Guinness Book of World Records, this rather large spider is commonly mistaken for the Tegenaria agrestis, or “hobo spider”, which is commonly mistaken for the Loxosceles reclusa, or “brown recluse spider”…. Read more

And the Winner is…

Tonight was the first time I’ve played Texas Hold’em and gambling with an actual cash buy-in. The first game was cut short but I took a portion of the winnings split between two of us (the other guy had to leave). The second game was full of daring actions from all players. At one point… Read more