Heather Hamilton has left the building!

Tomorrow, officially. You know I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, my wonderful, invisible interwebz friends. It’s been 12 years of hard work and 7 years of blogging. Seven years! I plan to pick up the blogging again, elsewhere; at least the personal stuff. Yeah, yeah, the Microsoft stuff stays here. And hopefully this blog will remain…


Microsoft Mobile Games Studio

There are three things I want you to know about this: 1) I think that annoucing something like the introduction of a new studio via a job description is excellent PR, if it was intentional. See interwebz, sometimes leaks can be good. 2) There’s a guy referenced in this article whose last name is Booty….


Technical Community Network Communications Specialist (the kind of job title that explains why we use acronyms so much here)

You know I always hesitate to plop job descriptions in here. Because, you know, despite my actual job, I find job descriptions (yawn) boring. The words “necessary evil” come to mind, but I don’t really believe things can be evil. Maybe they are just a “necessary drag”. I’m sure hiring managers feel the same way,…


Marketing Hiring Event in Austin

A bunch of Microsoft recruiters and hiring managers from across the comnpany are flying down to the Lone Star State (yeehaw!) to meet with folks interested in working for Microsoft. The backgrounds they are interested in are: Product Management Product Planning Marketing Communications/Marketing Management Market Research If you are in the Austin area and have a…


Marketing Recruiting Event in the Bay Area Next Week

My team is helping to recruit for this event. Thought I would share the announcement in case anyone out there is interested. The recruiters are reviewing resumes relative to our open marketing posiitons so if you ware intersted, please get me your resume ASAP so I can forward it to the recruiters. Thanks!   We’re…


It’s like all my little girl dreams coming true at once

Today I get to live one of my recruiting fantasies. Only it’s totally real. And it’s totally my day off. One of the huge challenges in recruiting is getting the information you need to build a prospect profile. Back in the day, when I was a line recruiter, I remember the frustration of getting specs…


Nintendo’s 90%

So if you are part of the 90% of sales and marketing folks at Nintendo’s headquarters that are not relocating to San Francisco or New York, and you happened to be doing some searches online thinking about places you might want to work that would not require you to relocate to San Francisco or New…


Senior Research Manager, Zune (200098)

Zune is the latest step in Microsoft’s vision of connected entertainment: a new way people can engage with their music, pictures, games and videos. As a Senior Research Manager you will be responsible for managing primary and secondary Zune research to meet the evolving needs of the business. You will manage primary and secondary research…


Head Copywriter, Zune (183782)

The Zune brand team is looking for an experienced copywriter with proven marcomm experience to help drive the strategy and execution of Zune voice, tone, style in all communications. If you’re passionate about brands, have a keen facility for language, and a proven track record creating consumer and entertainment messaging and collateral, we’d like to…


FrontEdge User Interface Designer (186543)

Zune, the new entertainment business at Microsoft, will define the next generation of entertainment – a new way for people to engage with their games, music, and videos.  Imagine if you could connect to your entertainment wherever you are, on the TV, on your portable media player, your Xbox, your PC or other devices—your entertainment…