Heather Hamilton has left the building!

Tomorrow, officially. You know I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, my wonderful, invisible interwebz friends. It’s been 12 years of hard work and 7 years of blogging. Seven years! I plan to pick up the blogging again, elsewhere; at least the personal stuff. Yeah, yeah, the Microsoft stuff stays here. And hopefully this blog will remain…




Growing pains

Man, I hate medical metaphors. So I apologize for my pseudo-medical blog post title. And I ask Daniel Pink to stop using “sclerosis” unless he decides to get an MD (though I should say that I otherwise find him a very interesting writer). This article details the maturation of Googleand the resultant move of many of its…

Now this is where you have to get out of the binary thinking in your head

Computer Engineer Barbie is making me 1) love the intention and 2) hate the medium. But I 1) love that the kids are excited and am 2) throwing up a little bit. And also 1) this is not the 1950s and 2) can we stop idealizing what it means to be a woman (clearly from the…


LG Quantum

Ordered mine yesterday. The only things that are keeping me from being like a little girl on Christmas eve are about thirty five years and 5 more weeks.

This is the part where I decide if I can be a "casual gamer"

Kinect launched today, well this morning, at midnight. Hmm, I am a little confused if midnight is technically today or yesterday. Can it be both? I have never really seen myself as a “gamer”. My exposure to video games, at least in the last decade, has mostly been limited to scrabulous/scrabola/whatever-it -was-called before scrabble put the…

Hot-hot hot college majors for technology

I majored in business administration and graduated from the Entrepreneur Program. So we shant pretend that I have any kind of a technical background (but I can write an awesome little piece of html that embeds videos in my blog postings….oh, wait, I cut and paste that awesome little piece of html).</check me out> Haven’t…

Virtualization win

I like to win. Hmm, I think we may have already established that. Nice work Hyper-V team. (And all the other folks in sales and services that made this happen)

I hate to do this but…(I’m lying, I don’t hate to do this)

Windows 7 is doing great! Win 7 market share up, XP down and everything else stable or down. Holla! Sorry, I’ll try to limit the self-promotion. It’s just that it’s getting a little harder these days. I’m just sayin’. Now just git that Windows Phone 7 into mah hands!  


The House Advantage

We have several speaker series’ here at Microsoft. In the past few weeks, I have seen Pete Carroll and Jeffrey Ma speak. Now, I love me some Pete Carroll (love him or hate him, it’s still an obsession). But I have to say that Jeffrey Ma’s is the session that really excited me the most…