Heather Hamilton has left the building!

Tomorrow, officially. You know I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, my wonderful, invisible interwebz friends. It’s been 12 years of hard work and 7 years of blogging. Seven years! I plan to pick up the blogging again, elsewhere; at least the personal stuff. Yeah, yeah, the Microsoft stuff stays here. And hopefully this blog will remain…



Collision: (New content idea + system for organizing + newly identified motivation to keep this going) x I miss you guys Ugh, did I just write that like a teenage girl? ‘Scuse me while I go ponder whether anyone actually kep me in their blog aggregator.


Can Google Cause a Re-count?

This is a sucky, though interesting, problem. Google sends thousands (how many thousands? Dunno) to the wrong polling places.  OK, Google is a company, not a political entity (well, not as it’s sole purpose for existing). But this does raise a question: has our reliance on technology to deliver information via the interwebz put us in…