The secret ingredient in Pepsi is happy. Shhhh.

I flew into Dallas on Tuesday and yesterday gave a presentation at PepsiCo’s Talent Acquisition Meeting. It was one of those presentations where I’ve been talking for 5 minutes and then I get the signal that I only have 5 minutes left and I have no idea how I did. On this trip I also…


My love is fleeting.

So the “hunkering down” is really starting to get to me. To the point that calling one of my ex-boyfriends sounds like a good idea. No booze required. Working from home is one thing. Not having a conversation of any length about anything than work for days on end, well that is quite another thing….


If I was waiting to blog when I become less busy, it ain’t gonna happen

OK,OK, you probably think I am a slacker. It’s been super busy at work, in a good way. My team is getting to know our staffing leaders in our global development centers. There’s a cascade of work that happens from there: -Assessing their needs for leads, research and training -Developing offerings that meet the needs…


Tuned In

Now that my new blog header is up (can you see it now?), it’s time to have some fun. The guys over at Pragmatic Marketing have published their book, Tuned In. And yeah, I am mentioned briefly (I’m on page 169-170). I’ve already heard good things about the book and it seems that they are…


Saved from blog bleh

Like my new header? I had secretly hoped that someone would do something like this for me, but you know, I can’t really ask. HUGE thanks to Derek for making my blog considerably less bleh!


Now with 73% more photographic goodness

I did that focus group for Sunset Magazine last week. Although I would have talked for free about something that I like so much, the money was for putting on make-up and getting in my car. Anyway, as we talked about the magazine, what we like  and don’t like, it occurred to me what a visual…


Blogging with Style

I can’t tell you how many times I explain my blogging to people and they simply don’t get it. I think it’s the combination of the fact that I am blogging as a work activity and that I write about personal things that have them all confused. As time moves on, I believe that the…


The greatest invention ever…

…index cards. I swear. When I was in high school, a teacher taught us how to use note cards to construct a paper: you make an outline, transfer it to note cards and then add extra cards throughout to supplement with content. You re-order, create transitions and write your paper. That process saved my bacon…


The incredible weirdness of blogging

You may have thought that I was kidding about the tequila last night but I was not. I love the idea of celebrating little things in life like finishing a project or buying a new car. So anyway, off we went to Matador in Redmond last night. I wanted to get my tequila on (don’t…


What is up with these facebook people?

I feel a rush of snark to the brain. You can only hold the snark down for so long and then something has to pop. Right now? It’s some of the asshattery that is taking place on facebook. And I fully expect to update this post regularly, if you know what I mean. Seems that that…