Corporate Blogs and Wikis

Here’s a great article today on corporate blogging and how to do it well (I guess wiki-ing isn’t a word, is it?). What other companies, besides Microsoft, are doing a good job of corporate blogging? I’m especially interested in marketing bloggers since there seem to be far fewer than tech bloggers. Let me know what…


Blogging and Marketing

White paper here. on blogging and marketing. It’s a long one, which I haven’t had time to read through yet, but I’m working on it. I have to be in the right frame of mind and it’s sunny out right now, so I am not there yet.


I am..a Corporate Blogger

In his article “Professionals, Publishing for the Public”, David Weinberger says “I don’t know that companies have figured out what the role of the outward-facing blogger is. It’s too new.” Hmmm, David, we should talk. Not that we have it all figured out, but companies are doing it. Not a lot of them though. He also…


Corporate Blogging Culture

I read this article today from Fast Company, about companies that blog. If you haven’t checked out Robert Scoble’s blog yet, you should soon! He’s a prolific blogger and kind of our resident expert around here.


Are we crazy for blogging?

Reading a lot of posts from people surprised about how many Microsoft employees blog (and the fact that executive management allows it). Recently, some posts on the idea of recruiters blogging…surprising?  Are we crazy? Does it help to know that we all go home to our spouses, kids and dogs? That we all have hobbies…and…