Heather Hamilton has left the building!

Tomorrow, officially. You know I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, my wonderful, invisible interwebz friends. It’s been 12 years of hard work and 7 years of blogging. Seven years! I plan to pick up the blogging again, elsewhere; at least the personal stuff. Yeah, yeah, the Microsoft stuff stays here. And hopefully this blog will remain…


Lurker wrongness

There is something a little ego-boosting (for me, at least) about acknolwedging the fact that the types of things that other people do; the ones that used to make my blood boil, are triggers for sympathy. You know, if you think of all of us as a collection of biology and experience. And if you…



Collision: (New content idea + system for organizing + newly identified motivation to keep this going) x I miss you guys Ugh, did I just write that like a teenage girl? ‘Scuse me while I go ponder whether anyone actually kep me in their blog aggregator.


A Corporate Blog I Can Actually Appreciate: Redfin

It’s been a while since I have seen (or mentioned) a corporate blog I can really appreciate. Let’s be real here…most corporate blogs are full of suck…excuse my language if you are so inclined. The suckage generally results from a tragic misunderstanding of two basic, foundational elements of blogs. Those are a company’s understanding (or not)…


Corporate Social Media Policies: More is better or not so much?

Six years ago…six!…I started blogging and shortly after that started speaking at conferences about blogging as part of a recruiting strategy (or as I generally explain, an employment branding strategy, not a candidate generation strategy). Consistently, audience members were excited about the idea of blogging, but expressed great concern over whether they would be allowed…


To Gizmodo

It’s just a matter of time before “gizmodo” becomes a verb. gizmodo (verb)Etymology: modern English (colloquial), from Gizmo (ref: “Gremlins”, comics) and Moto (“Hello Moto”) 1. a. To treat a reader or customer with condescension or disdain 1. b. To underestimate the intellect of a reader or customer 2. To execute a poor marketing campaign…


I work at Microsoft

and being awesome was my idea.


Teenagers: friend your mom at your own peril

You’d be better off logging in at the library (editors note: the library is a building they had in the old days that housed items called “books” made of mashed tree pulp, literary angst, publishers fees and possibly a little nasal excrement).


Navel gazing versus observing on Twitter

Oversharers that we are, Twitter has been asking us “What are you doing?” and we have responded with statements, squeezed into that little box. I don’t like having my personality squeezed so. And so I have opted to update my status on Facebook (or both Twitter and FB when I remember) and blog here where…


"The camera changed the way we behaved"

“Citizen journalism” (article by Paul Carr) is slippery.  It’s a big category with room for self-involved lookiloos (‘look at me looking at this”, as Paul Carr aptly states) and hopeful, passionate crusaders putting a face and an action to a cause. Some may argue that citizen journalism doesn’t exist. OK, I am one of those people. Applying the…