Designing product for women

(FastCompany: Women Are 85% Of The Consumer Market. But How Do You Reach Them?)

The article is interesting, but a little condescending. I am sure it's unintentional and I should point out that the fact that it's written by a woman is beside the point. I am not a bra-burning activist, but I know when something stirs inside me. Yeah, like a wild animal. Ugh. But I loves me some FastCompany. So all is forgiven, as usual. Gawd, I'm dysfunctional.

I like the concept of "transparent design". I'm not a fan of pink and fluffy and dammit if that isn't the route many designers go to create a "female" version of a product; where the male version is generally sleek and utilitarian. When do I get sleek and utilitarian? I do find that I sometimes go the "male product" route. My shoe wardrobe includes ten (yes, ten) pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. I pair them with something more feminine on top because there is no idea that appeals less than looking like a picture in a catalog.

What also caught my attention in this article is the picture because...I just made an offer on a motorcycle. Yep, sure did. I have wanted one forever and soaring gas prices and a commute that was just made more compicated by the looming spectre of bridge tolls got me thinking about something a little...sleeker and utilitarian. Rut-roh.

And just so you don't create a gritty picture of H2 in your head, I am also thinking that the pigtails are the solution to my helmet-head dilemma (and let's hear it for the curly-haired girls). And that helmet visors are made to keep bugs out of your lipgloss.

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