Holey Resume!

I love disagreeing. It’s like a hobby. When I was a kid, I thought I would be a lawyer when I grew up. As much as I joke about it, the driver for me isn’t the need to be right. I just love dialectic; the challenge and discovery. You know, when I am not getting…


Yer hired!

The best cover letter of all time? Perhaps…if it works.   The best manicure of all time? Nyet. (PS: the cover letter is a fake, but still adequately funny. And perhaps some good employment branding. If only the company wasn’t named “Aviary”…kakaw!)

Now hiring, until you decide to get the band back together

Once upon a time, I hired consultants and was working a job fair (hey, I said once upon a time and that time was the 90s). And our booth listed the areas for which we were hiring (yay, grammar!) and one of them was “client/server” and someone walked up and said they wanted to be…


Lurker wrongness

There is something a little ego-boosting (for me, at least) about acknolwedging the fact that the types of things that other people do; the ones that used to make my blood boil, are triggers for sympathy. You know, if you think of all of us as a collection of biology and experience. And if you…