This survey brought to you by Twitter

Sometimes I think the Interwebz are dumb. Or suveys are total BS. Someone is jumping to a causality conclusion when perhaps a little commons sense could be employed. Like maybe comparing the Twitter usage to other media, online and otherwise, than just some random message board. Giving student free reign to utilize any method they…


LG Quantum

Ordered mine yesterday. The only things that are keeping me from being like a little girl on Christmas eve are about thirty five years and 5 more weeks.


Sometimes a salary bump is about something else

You’d have to be living under a rock  to not know about the Google salary bump reported this week: Google increases employees salaries by 10% with some other stuff thrown in. Sweet. It’s not an entirely stupid move on Google’s part because…wow, the PR response. Look, I would love to get a 10% salary bump. But…


Tech Titans Ridiculous Homes

Oops. Did I just write that on my blog? I look at the homes of the top ten tech titans(by someone’s standards) and I really wonder at what point “enough” transitions “into way over the top.” OK, there are some steps in-between, but still. So, I will tell you a bit about my perspective so…


Ralph Nader and Full Body Scanners

When I first read about this, I was thinking, well asking actually; “when can America get over its fear of nudity?” You know, if everyone stops making a big deal about it, then we could all just relax, for crying out loud. I get the concern about high levels of radiation. But I stand in…


Microsoft opening certification training center in Baghdad

OK,  now *this* is interesting. This kind of investment is a little different than I had envisioned when I thought of getting Iraq back on its feet. But it makes sense if… 1) There are people that are interested in technology but lack resources to enter the industry at all 2) People who have computers and an…


Speaking of "do I fit into your target market?": Facebook Deals

I’m a Groupon user and a FourSquare critic. I like deals, and as long as I can convince myself NOT to buy things I won’t use on Groupon, it’s something that I will continue to be interested in. FourSquare is less interesting to me. And by less interesting, I mean that I find it annoying…


This is the part where I decide if I can be a "casual gamer"

Kinect launched today, well this morning, at midnight. Hmm, I am a little confused if midnight is technically today or yesterday. Can it be both? I have never really seen myself as a “gamer”. My exposure to video games, at least in the last decade, has mostly been limited to scrabulous/scrabola/whatever-it -was-called before scrabble put the…


Can Google Cause a Re-count?

This is a sucky, though interesting, problem. Google sends thousands (how many thousands? Dunno) to the wrong polling places.  OK, Google is a company, not a political entity (well, not as it’s sole purpose for existing). But this does raise a question: has our reliance on technology to deliver information via the interwebz put us in…