Ralph Nader and Full Body Scanners

When I first read about this, I was thinking, well asking actually; "when can America get over its fear of nudity?" You know, if everyone stops making a big deal about it, then we could all just relax, for crying out loud.

I get the concern about high levels of radiation. But I stand in front of my microwave door and watch the food spin around, just for fun. So, you know, I kind of choose to have some radiation in my life. I would like us all to loosen up a bit about the body scans. Frankly, there is only a certain amount of diversity when it comes to shapes and sizes and within those categories, one looks like another. So yeah, whatever, I don't care about the person behind the machine seeing whatever. They see so many...really, could mine be so interesting? No.

But then I read about some guards trading the images and something changed for me. It's about choice and awareness. I don't think many people would *choose* to go through a scanner if they didn't have to. But they are aware of it and on some level it is a  choice. The alternative kind of sucks, but there is an awareness there of what is happening. The perception is that there is an image and then it is gone. But knowing (or not knowing) that images are stored and possibly shared makes me a little sick. And again, it's about awareness and decisions and privacy.

I always assume that department store employees are somehow peeping on me while I try on clothes. The sign says they can and how they are doing it I don't really care about. I *do* care about the dressing room lighting. Can someone do something about that? You are made aware and you have a choice. Buy the clothes and try them on at at home; return them if they don't work for you. Inconvenient, but there's an option.

Ditto with flying. The alternative is really inconvenient (not flying, train travel...ugh) but you know it's there and can make a choice.

But people trading images like playing cards make me sick. I am definitely anything but puritanical (and I have to disclose that I did work for an organization that Ralph Nader started back in the day...like way, way back). But I generally reject frivolous lawsuity, publicity stunt kind of stuff. But I'm all for some changes up in here.

So my tech homies, can someone please work on some better technology for this?

Comments (2)

  1. Ian Selvarajah says:

    I recently read this article, which you may find funny/interesting on how the TSA is using a new method to "strongly encourage" people to go through the body scanner:


    This 'sneakiness' is what I don't like!

  2. foxanthony says:

    It's about control and oppression. 'Security' = fear and fear is the lever used to control people. Restricting peoples movement and tracking people this isn't a free society it's a police state.

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