And this is South Lake Union!

Catching up on some blogging today (as if it were paperwork) (OK, I wrote part of this last week and put off finishing). My head has been full of other stuff going on (some good and some eh) and now that the din has subsided a bit, I’m purging some stuff that could be more timely but whatever. Here it is. I moved! Either I have a short attention span or I neglected to detail the actual settling in (I think that I have been purging all this stuff with my Facebook friends—different than my much loved blog friends—and didn’t keep you guys up on the developments). Here I am in the big cit-ay. It’s a welcome relief. Redmond was very good to me, but whatever (or whomever…OK, really Heather? Whomever?) made me think that I was going to like DIY and gardening had an evil sense of humor. The new owners of my house (the ideal “nuclear family” that I view as yuppies, though we have only corresponded through email) actually do like gardening and appreciate the DIY so I can at least feel good about that. My little housie was good as a starter and purchased in 2000 so I was able to get a sweet condo on the west side. I won’t be posting pictures of my loft until a little more decor has settled in. Three months and I am still working on it, which is out of character for me…not that I am taking too long, but that I am willing to do it a little bit at a time. Yay me…good for you…uh, me. but  I do submit for your approval (in a Twilight Zone kind of way), my new neighborhood: South Lake Union. I’m in love. With my neighborhood.

It’s still semi-industrial (and also kind of a tiny bit full of tweaker activities, but those are slowly moving out). So a little more hipster, to the extent that someone in their late thirties or early forties can be. More restaurants and upscale bars are moving in. Close to the freeway and Seattle Center and downtown. Lots of coffee shops. My Whole Foods has regulare happy hours and stuff. There are sea planes flying overhead all the time. And there’s still street parking! And a freakin trolley!

I’m just saying that life is good. There have been some adjustements. I only hit the traffic when I have meetings in Redmond and have to work from over there instead of our touchdown space here (oh yeah, did I mention the touchdown space here?). The goal of the move was a lifestyle change. I bought in Redmond with different ideas about what my life should look like (did I mention the gardening?), and that’s not where I am anymore; I mean in life.

So, here I am in South Lake Union (thanks, Paul Allen).


Comments (3)

  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    It's official: we are culinarily cool.

  2. Andrew. says:

    I love that neighborhood! I don't live in Seattle but I've stayed at the Residence Inn in that area a couple of times and loved jumping on the streetcar and being downtown in a couple of minutes. I'm sure I'm probably a sushi luddite but the I Love Sushi restaurant is one of my favorites so having that within walking distance was fantastic. I used to kind of like walking around all the old rotting boats there as well but they did a good job with the park renovations, it's a great place to sit with a picnic in the summer and watch the floatplanes come and go. Hope the decorating is going well :-).

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hi Andrew…I do love it. I hear good things about I Love Sushi. Haven't been though. I didn't even know it was here. I think it might be the kind of place I can go to solo with a book, so I'll think about that. The Whole Foods here has happy hour and stuff like that (Ihave to say the Oyster Night is less than appealing. But it's really social, evidently. Haven't been to Lake Union Park yet either. I think I have been nesting…just trying to get my place put together. Grown up furniture is complicated! I'm glad youhave enjoyed the hood here. It's really growing…Amazon is building a new campus here…lots of new stuff moving in. Absolutely love it! I need to explore it more!