Oh, those annoying ads

I may take back my previous comments about annoying yet memorable ads actually being effective. Because after watching some of these ads, I vow to never support the boneheads that let this crap from their ad agencies get through review. I mean seriously, how great can your product be if you think it's cool to put Flo in everyones faces? I'm sure the actress is a nice person in real life but I don't want to risk getting close enough to her to find out. You know what I mean?

Looking through these, I do wonder if I am either an annoying human or just have a high tolerance for annoyance. Scratch that...I DO NOT have a high tolerance for annoyance so unfortunately, that means...never mind. If annoyingness can be passed on through media, I don't think this bodes well for you guys. My point is that there are a few of these that I do not find annoying. I actually think the State Farm one is adorable. Their awkwardness is actually the point...it's the guy and his insurance agent, not his girlfriend. And the 5 hour energy one? Though it's not a work of genius, it kind of makes me think of going out and getting some of that stuff (anyone know what it tastes like?). Winter is coming on and I am thinking I should keep a little stock pile of it right next to my light box.

Some of these ads are just stupid, but not necessarily annoying. Or perhaps stupid = annoying for people that like a little but of intellectual discourse in their ads. OK, seriously? The fast food ones are meh. The "don't talk to me until I have had my coffee" guy is old news. The guy may be a jerk-face but how many times have you gone into a McDonalds (admittedly something I do about once a year) and some jerk-face is in line in front of you? Huh? Maybe it's just truth-in-advertising. And the Wendy's pico de gallo guy? He's that annoying friend you have, you know the one that you never call but you can't shake him and you feel guilty blowing him off because you know him from high school? But you don't want to bring him around your other friends? Yeah, that guy.

Staples, Flo and Quiznos are the ones that really get my goat. And the Quiznos one is totally unoriginal. Didn't they do about the same thing with singing hamster like things about 5 years ago?  Please do not go to their site to find out as this will only encourage them. And for this reason, the Quiznos ad wins the trophy for being most claw-your-ears-out annoying.

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