The Search Engine of Mostly Wrong-ness

This is right up my alley.

It appeals to my love of random data, my professional expertise with effective search engine queries and my affinity for telling people they were wrong.

Hey, I think that if you don't know, you probably shouldn't speculate. Unless it's your job to speculate. In which case, I would recommend not having your computer connected to the interwebz. Because people like me like to point to things that are wrong. For fun.

Hey, those people should probably learn to play that game of "I wonder if..." instead of acting like "experts". Come on, it's fun and makes people think you are sarcastic, funny and/or humble. Whoah, if my personality had a resume.

Anywayz, I could spend a whole weekend holed up in my place playing with that search engine. I'd order take out and think of changing my pajamas as "getting ready."

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