Movies as PR

Now a Google movie? You have got to be kidding me.

"The intention is to be sympathetic to Sergey and Larry..." So says the producer. Well, he gets points for  transparency. Transparency is good, but that's one little tidbit I think he could have kept to himself. Because I'm not paying $10 to sit in a 2 hour commercial. Is it hubris to assume that someone would pay to attend their brand love fest? Or are there enough fawning fanboys to make this farce a hit?

Here's how it goes: two smart guys. They are young. No girls, just these 2 smart guys. Back story: parents from Russia. Make these guys their families. Cut to random moment where someone gets an inspiration. It's about technology but it's also about people. Power to the people. They make friends to help them. They rally. Hard work. Sleepy nights at keyboards, greasy take-out. They get discouraged. More hard work and the revelation: they have a hit. Pitch, pitch pitch. Investors decline. One investor. Angel. More hard work. Discouraged...again. Start to hire people. They grow. Free food? Laundry? Let's do it. Be different. Don't be evil (much). Watch the market share increase. Everybody celebrates. Cut to today. Gray hair. Families. And scene!

I don't really know the story. But does it matter? Unbelievable. Please Microsoft that I know and  love, do not make a promotional movie.

I had to go back and double-check that this wasn't posted on The Onion. Pinch, pinch. Yep, I'm awake.


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