The "real" you…

In a world where the only way to identify the "real" you is by the bar code stamped on your forehead. Above your one eye. Thanks Google and global warming.

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  1. Derek Z says:

    It seems silly to assume they will even “have to” change their names to disguise online tracks they leave as children. With the continued development of this web-enabled world, things like the tracks they leave will be as commonplace as the stories your parents share of you t-ping the neighbors house (circa 1985). They will be standard known elements. Won’t the web and its open use just help us all become more accustomed to an unfiltered world? I suspect we will grow to just know and accept the unfiltered knowledge of everyone OR at some point there will be a big backlash to the ease of information and a pause of accessibility.

    Its curious as to the assumption of the negative connotation to openness from Schmidt – seems so contrary to the organization. Just my 2 cents.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Good points, Derek.  I think that perhaps social norms are changing and in many areas, I don't like it at all. Everyone has a sex tape, the internet lauds that jackass fligh attendant that quit via evacuation slide and teenagers are posting exposing pictures. There may be a backlash aginst all of this stuff.

    Also, the people doing the hiring, with the exceptions of a small number of start-ups are going to be older than the job applicants (not that the age itself matters asmuch as the social norms of generations). I just wonder if it even matters if the younger folks find it all normal when the hiring people, and many of the people they work with, don't. I would really hate to think about what would happen in the workplace if the stuff you see on facebook were to happen here.

    I read somewhere that sexual harrassment claims are going down because a lot of the younger workers just see it as attention. Oooh, backlash, you can not come quickly enough for me!

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