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Have you escaped the Eat Pray Love marketing onslaught? It may be because I am in the target demographic (yeah, forty-something), although not sad as it has been suggested. Yeah, I read the book. But I felt a little dirty when Oprah recommended it. 

But I have done the 'search for more' meaning thing. It's fairly typical in this stage of life. And I have always tried to be "typical" <giggle, giggle>. I read about Buddhism and psychology. I just started the Chopra Center's 21 day Meditation Challenge. I'm looking back on years of life when I was suffering much more than I needed to. I'm looking back on bad fashion choices and bad boyfriend choices. Years and years of "WTF is going on here?" So you can excuse me while I acknowledge how messed up my life was, start shoveling my way out of it and get OK with a few wrinkles. And move on to something more peaceful and healthy. But yeah, I have done it without a movie based on a non-fiction account of one womens journey for something. Pasta? Enlightenment?  Javier Bardem?

The marketing. Have you seen it? Like everywhere? It doesn't really catch your attention, explicitly, until you realize that you are seeing it everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Et tu, Cost Plus World Market?

I understand wanting to bring a message to America, especially when some supremely messed up stuff is happening in the world (which I will take a pass on detailing, on account of not wanting to get into politics and not tick off my very conservative family. Ooops, I may have just let something slip). So yeah, the message. The message is a little meh. I mean, it's a little like weak tea (and have you yet gotten your Eat Pray Love tea? While supplies last). Dumbed down even. For the short attention span of the American public. Did I already recommend the meditation challenge?

I am just finding the juxtaposition of the quest for meaning and the opportunity to purchase branded merchandise a little nauseating <shakes head>. Anyone else see the line of EPL products a little inconsistent with the message? Hey wait. Is this stuff supposed to be our symbolic pasta? Are we suppose to loosen our belts a bit and spend-spend-spend?  How the eff did we get here?

I will NOT be spending my money to see this movie. And I will not be buying the lip gloss, fragrance, hat.  Yes, people, there's a hat.

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  1. mire says:

    Lot's of folks got on the bandwagon however I like this philanthropic twist to the EAT, PRAY, LOVE theme shopping:

    Here a percent of your sale goes to VH1 Save The Music Foundation…

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    It would be interesting to see a listing of all of the sellers and get an idea of where the money goes. Besides the items that support non-profits, I'd also be interseted in seeing how much a company pays for licensing fees (I doubt it's per item, but I'm just interested in general). This stuff is everywhere!!!!

  3. Abdullah says:

    Big fan of your blog and long time follower, this post really resonated with me because I linked it to some of your previous personal posts. I really think you should read Finding the Prophet in his People by Ingrid Mattson…/mattson.html and Michael Wolfe’s…/Default.aspx. In general you will find  very inspiring in your spiritual journey and worth giving it a thought as you navigate through different spiritual roads.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sure, Abdullah. Thanks for the links. I'm definitely interested in learning about other religious traditions. I'll take som etime to read those pages.

  5. Did you see Lewis Black's take on EPL? It's pretty hysterical.…/back-in-black—eat-pray-love

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh, I love Lewis Black. I am at a touchdown space at work. Do I dare play it? 🙂

    I think he's the embodiment of the inner rage we all have. Mine's only pea sized but it needs to be acknowledged from time to time.

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