Form follows function

Not the other way around. I'm not surprised to see that the iPhone 4 antenna issue was cause by a design decision. Their products are pretty but they have to work. Your move, Apple.

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  1. krg says:

    Steve just called the Bloomberg report "total bullshit" in an on-the-record press conference, challenging Bloomberg to provide evidence.

    So I'd say it's Bloomberg's move.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Exciting. I haven't been paying too much attention (in the midst of moving). But gotta love tech industry throw-downs!

    It's interesting how Jobs tries to get people to believe that the case fix is a free give-away (ooh…free….Americans love free). Nice try, Steve. It an't no bonus, freebie. Now fix the problem. Fanboys will fall for that stuff but the rest of us are watching too. Other companies would be held to a higher standard in the marketplace (and public opinion) and it's about time that Apple is held to that standard too.

    And also, iTunes shouldn't lock people into a proprietary format.

    Annddd…I am done.

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