What Google Could Learn from Apple

Evidently, how to market.

It's just not Google's area of expertise. I mean, that blank home page. Clearly they have thought about whether it was too plain. The writer calls it elegant. Hmmm, okaaay. 

I'm the first one to concede that when it comes to marketing; advertising specifically, Apple kicks a little ass (caveat: I thought the "I'm a Mac" ads got old and tired well before they stopped appearing on my TV). Their work creating evangelists ain't too shabby either. And just in case you think I may have lost my edge, I still don't want or need "an app for that." Like I've said before, I am a mobility minimalist and I have a Windows Smart Phone, which I am happy with. Disclosure:  I never really was a phone person (yes, I am an introvert) and really don't spend time playing games (but I usually do have a book with me if I think I am going to be waiting and yes, I like the paper kind). I use my phone to take calls/texts and check email and that's about it. It's not really entertainment for me. Yeah, I'm old school. And am guessing that I am not one of Apple's hottest market segments.

But I can appreciate people who are drawn to the iPhone. Google, though a popular search engine, does not have that kind of emotional loyalty. I am sure that the fact that making a change in a search engine "purchase" decision is as easy as clicking a mouse (and might I suggest that you click over to Bing?!). So the distribution of customers across search engines is fluid. But the phone market? Well, people are pretty attached to their phones. And that Android ad did nothing for me. My cold black heart did not flutter one little bit. I played with a friend's Android phone last weekend and it was "meh."  Could an advertisement made me more inclined to check it out? Maybe. But jebus, that Android promo. Why?

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