A Corporate Blog I Can Actually Appreciate: Redfin

It’s been a while since I have seen (or mentioned) a corporate blog I can really appreciate. Let’s be real here…most corporate blogs are full of suck…excuse my language if you are so inclined. The suckage generally results from a tragic misunderstanding of two basic, foundational elements of blogs. Those are a company’s understanding (or not)…


Getting closer to password security

I like innovation around security. I think folks are pretty lax about security, especially as it relates to passwords in the consumer market. I hope that someday we all look back and think of passwords as part of the quaint zeitgeist of the 2000s. If you have had trouble logging into accounts as I have, you…

Form follows function

Not the other way around. I’m not surprised to see that the iPhone 4 antenna issue was cause by a design decision. Their products are pretty but they have to work. Your move, Apple.


Look at your grades. Now look at mine.

Well, nobody should look at *my* grades. Because, yeah.   All awesomeness is followed by parody. Who doesn’t want a mini dose of the awesome? Anyone else incredibly surprised that this little slice of awesome comes from BYU?

Can MySpace be Saved?

These days, it doesn’t even cross my mind to go to my MySpace page. I have one. I got that welcome mail from that guy that everyone else got (white t-shirt, expression like he was doing something else and then just noticed “hey, there’s a camera there”). I get connection notices from people I don’t…

What Google Could Learn from Apple

Evidently, how to market. It’s just not Google’s area of expertise. I mean, that blank home page. Clearly they have thought about whether it was too plain. The writer calls it elegant. Hmmm, okaaay.  I’m the first one to concede that when it comes to marketing; advertising specifically, Apple kicks a little ass (caveat: I thought…

The part where my head explodes (not "literally")

While I don’t technically feel “guilty” about it, I know that my blog posts lately have been maybe a little shorter; not as complete or fully thought through It’s not that I haven’t been taking showers; the place of my best blog inspiration.Things have been busy at work, which has kept some of my posts…


50 Smartest People

OK, this is pretty cool. I’m not sure if this signifies an increase in the number of successful women in the technology industry. But Microsoft’s Danah Boyd and Indrani Medhi are on Fortune Magazine’s list of the top 50 smartest people in technology. Just to be clear, I’m not surprised at all that these gals ARE each one of the…

Corporate Social Media Policies: More is better or not so much?

Six years ago…six!…I started blogging and shortly after that started speaking at conferences about blogging as part of a recruiting strategy (or as I generally explain, an employment branding strategy, not a candidate generation strategy). Consistently, audience members were excited about the idea of blogging, but expressed great concern over whether they would be allowed…

Just give me the damn cookies!

The Girl Scouts of America are updating their logo. Well the girls aren’t, nor the scouts. Some design firm is (follow link to see the before and after). It makes for an interesting article, with accompanying art. You can use it to play where’s waldo just like I did. Because there’s not much there there….