I think someone might have to come up with a new word for "retirement"

A Fortune article on Bill Gates' "retirement". For folks that are accustomed to really stretching their brains during the work day, this whole retirement thing can be a challenge. When I think about my retirement (many, many years away), I think about how many books I can read. And maybe tutoring some kids. And taking on some writing projects; perhaps getting to work on the book that one of my friends says I have rattling around in my brain. Training for races (yeah, I plan on being that cool old lady). Waking up late. Come on stock market, you gotta fund all this stuff!

Anyway, what I really don't have in mind is all of that stuff that Bill Gates is doing through his foundation. I really don't see Bill's actual day-to-day activities changing *that* much since he was here. He's still vetting ideas and reviewing technologies. He's making investment decisions. He's meeting with partners. And in my imagination, he's still saying "that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard". Only this time, acknowledging that this stupid idea might be the one that has the potential for making a huge impact on the world.

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