Canned Ads: pretty much as bad as they think they are

FastCompany has a list (and voting!) for the worst canned ads of the last year.  I choose to ignore the Microsoft (Bing!) entry for now, mostly because I never saw The Shining (I know, don’t start), so to me, it’s not canned as much as whatever. OK? But I’ll try to get to that one too….


I think someone might have to come up with a new word for "retirement"

A Fortune article on Bill Gates’ “retirement”. For folks that are accustomed to really stretching their brains during the work day, this whole retirement thing can be a challenge. When I think about my retirement (many, many years away), I think about how many books I can read. And maybe tutoring some kids. And taking…

Other applications for Kinect: health care

I didn’t think about these kinds of applications before. It will be really interesting to see what this technology can do in the hands of some of our partners. The idea that someone, that cannot grip a controller, can control an application or communicate is super exciting. Less important but totally feeding into my OCD:…

My dream of suiting up

I am so not a gamer. The last game I spent money on was Atari (Asteroids and Space Invaders). And technically, it wasn’t my money; I was in 7th grade. But now that I see this, I might have to have it.   Holy crap, I could actually run it into the end zone. I…


Boring work meetings meet beautiful design

I’m a fan of good design. Unfortunately, my decision to now love mid-century modern design is trumped by my inability to buy all new furniture. So I continue to refer to the style of my home as “eclectic.” My house has been “staged” for 3 months. Three! As oppressive as I thought this would be,…


I like what I am hearing about Bing!

I think being #2 is okey-dokey. Especially a year after launch. I pick a search engine based on what works best for me. So yeah…I’m really good with this. To each his own search engine. Or in my case “decision engine”. Because I like to be the decider.


Project Natal now Kinect; still awesome.

This sounds good so far. A jillion Star Wars nerds are getting ready to get their light saber on. Or as I heard in Chinatown yesterday “light savers”…because you want to save the light…in a stick… that you hit people with. Star Wars never sounded more interesting to me.

Uncluttering at work: e-mail edition (not e-mail addition)

Uncluttering has been a theme for me. You know this. For over three months, I have been living in a perfectly staged state of housey-ness. As much as I hated sorting through my stuff (toss, donate, keep), I have gotten to the point where I so totally enjoy living without so much clutter. Yeah, now…


People have clearly run out of things to protest

Our American culture is getting protest happy. I had just moved here when the WTO Summit protests took place. To me, the political point was lost in the street riots, tear gas, and that panic attack I had when I drove down Denney and saw a swarm of protesters coming toward me, and hoped that they…