The demise of MySpace and Palm

I don't really think that Sean Parker is saying anything that we didn't already know. But the sound bite is good. Restating the obvious is cool when you do it well and have an audience. It lets them feel smart and lets you feel funny. Not this kind of funny, a different kind. I mean, what company failures can't be blamed on bad management? When it's due to outside forces, we call it a bubble. Because that company that just kicked your a**? They managed their way through the a** kicking.

Anyway, interesting to think about this given the whole HP/Palm deal. And what all led to it. In my less-than-expert analysis, Palm didn't look far enough into the future. The next feature set isn't enough to stave off the 800 pound gorilla that's going to sit on your neck.

 And now I wish I had an audience, a video camera and Ashton Kutcher by my side (wow, who ever thought I would say that?).

<cue laugh-track>

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