Dummer than a box of hammers

(The title is ironic...please, no corrections of my spelling. I hate that I have to write this because it makes it less awesome...for you and for me)

I'm not going to say that there are a lot of dumb people out there. Because that would be unkind.I'm just saying that sometimes? When I look at Twitter streams or Facebook comments? Yikes. Yikes! I suppose we can call it technology for the masses, and that includes, well, how do I put this delicately? OK, I am not going to draw conclusions. Mostly because I may or may not incorporate some dumb indicators into my status updates. And I don't like to be called dumb; I like to be called "pretty." And sometimes I act very, very "pretty." And what I am saying is that there are many "pretty" people out there, respondin' to the Twitter feeds.

omg...thats all im saying!!!!!


Comments (4)

  1. tod says:

    Ha! PaulaAbdul vs. HeideMontag…it’s a close one: http://www.tomscott.com/stupidfight/#paulaabdul-vs-heidimontag

    I’m also glad to know that rock is still smarter than country: http://www.tomscott.com/stupidfight/#leannrimes-vs-chriscornell

    Ok, that’s 5 minutes of my life gone.  đź™‚

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey Tod,

    I just looked at your blog and noticed that you are engaged! Yay! Congratulations!

  3. tod says:

    Thanks!  She’s such a wonderful woman, I feel very fortunate!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Awwww….cute! Don’t forget to tell her that every day!

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