The design guy behind the Windows Phone 7

You know that I don't spend a lot of time pushing Microsoft products. I use them, but I'm not a techy first-adopter of much. I like what I like though and right now I'm loving Windows 7, Office 2010, Zune and Bing. And I am super excited about where we (Microsoft) are. Awesome stuff is coming out all over the place. So you'll have to excuse me if I gush a little bit. After five years of blogging snark; I think I am allowed to do that just a bit.

Anywayz, the Windows Phone 7. Mmmmm, I want it so bad! I don't need "an app for that." I just want to get to my stuff...and the apps I already have. Windows Phone team, please put one of those phones in my hand!

Here is an article on Albert Shum,  the design guy behind the Windows Phone 7 interface. Did I mention that I really want one of those phones?

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