Intensity, achievement, ridiculousness and villainry on The Amazing Race

It's exciting to see a Microsoft employee, and his wife, as contestants on the 16th season of The Amazing Race. I've had so little time for television lately, but will make a point to watch this season. I love the show and would have otherwise taken a season off, but you gotta pull for a fellow Microsoftie. Yeah, my recorded show queue just got a little more cluttered. There are some contestants on the show, more than usual, that I find a little annoying. So this may be trying. Or totally awesome.

It looks like our Joe may have been pegged early as the villain by a Birmingham blogger. This blog also referred to a father-daughter team as "pretty normal" and then in the next sentence says that he wasn't around much when she was growing up (because he's was a pro baseball your average everyday guy). So yeah, OK. I guess that passes for normal these days, right? Anyway, I know that production will paint Joe as the villain if they want to, because it makes for good TV. And his intensity may make it easy for them to do that. It's probably also what makes him successful. But I'll try not to cut him too much slack, just because he is a Microsoft employee. And then you don't mind if I route him on anyway, OK?

I won't recap like I did many seasons ago on The Apprentice. But perhaps a few comments here and there with my thoughts. Like if I have to hear "I love you, bro" one more time, someone's getting cut. Oh, and I really hope they get to go to "the Iraq; everywhere like such as."

Comments (3)

  1. portfolio lighting says:

    I’m afraid that although these reality shows don’t have actual written scrips, they are directed and edited to be what the producers want to then to be. So good luck to Joe, he’s a celebrity now!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yep, that’s true.

  3. Wine-Oh says:

    Love me some Amazing Race. However I was on the left coast this weekend and my tivo didnt record it for some reason. Rest assured I will catch up. Its one of the only reality shows I have watched consistently since season 1.

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