Uncluttering at work…

I struggle with time management. I get my stuff done, but the issue of "time" always comes up. Yesterday, someone mentioned that everything I was talking about with regard to my life outside of work was about time too (Do I have time to get this all done before I put my house on the market? Is this the right time in my life for this? Can I have time to make a good decision about this? This would all be/feel different if it happened at a different time. Jebus, I can't believe I am 41....where did the time go? Hah.). So yeah, time is on my mind. Time and attention are my currency.

Anyway, time management. I'm a list maker.I'm also a list ignorer. So you can see how that works out for me. At times, I live and prioritize by post-it note. Sometimes I find that things do actually go away if you ignore them and I'm kind of OK with that. They weren't important; they were just clutter. Speaking of which, I sometimes organize by making piles. Gah, I hate admitting that because then I can't feel as superior when I watch Hoarders on TV.

So yeah, uncluttering. I don't need all the stuff around me to make me feel like me. And I want to be more free. And I want to answer a question: how do I know what is important? At work and in my life. I'm still working to answer that question in my life and it feels like giving birth. I'm currently crowning. At work, well, I can use some tips. Because we are all in the same boat.

Unclutterer pretty much rocks when it comes to making the most of what you have (stuff, time) and getting rid of what is not important (my friends may notice that the theme of unitaskers figure prominently on Unclutterer and in my vocab). Your life-life probably isn't much like mine (most of you), but work? I bet we struggle with some of the same things. So I found this post particularly helpful.

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