Inspiring manifesto

I haven't shopped at lululemon yet, though all my girlfriends talk about it. I may have mentioned that I have started training for a marathon (did I mention that here or only on facebook?). And I'm still trying to figure out what gear I need. I believe that lululemon is in my future. Cute athletic-wear gets my butt in gear.

Anyway, in the meantime, check out their company manifesto:


I LOVE it! I've become one of those people that talks to myself in simple affirmations. It's helpful to me. They are reminders of things I know but can forget when my mind gets wrapped around something imminent (and usually negative). So telling myself "this too shall pass" or asking myself my favorite questions, "is this important?" (as in, will I care about this a year from now?) or "is this productive?" help me unlatch my mind from that distraction and focus on something positive. So far, there have been no emblazoned coffee mugs or t-shirts. Just simple reminders that help me navigate my day in a more positive way. If you see me looking like I am talking to a voice in my head, rest assured...I am.

So you can see why this manifesto appeals to me. I'm such a sucker. I'm totally more interested in shopping there now.

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