Intense wisdom from my first week of blogging

I am looking back at what I thought was blog-worthy in March of 2004. Yeah, I am up in the middle of the night with my sick dog, checking mail and facebook and now this. Hey, my cable is out (OK ,on now), and I’m trying to decide when today becomes tomorrow and I can break…


Metrics bite, content rules

In a Fast Company article about Boing Boing (I haven’t read the whole article yet but this jumped out at me and I really need to write about this): “It isn’t that Pescovitz doesn’t understand what the blog business has become; he just figures that however it works now is anathema to what’s made Boing…


Growing pains

Man, I hate medical metaphors. So I apologize for my pseudo-medical blog post title. And I ask Daniel Pink to stop using “sclerosis” unless he decides to get an MD (though I should say that I otherwise find him a very interesting writer). This article details the maturation of Googleand the resultant move of many of its…


In the interest of your safety, please move it out of my way

People are seriously wigging out here about some weather. Monday it snowed; a couple inches, now deemed a “storm”…I even saw “blizzard”. Ach. I contend that everyone who insists on driving on a “snowy” day do ten years of snow driving before they even attempt to do it here. Freeways were beyond access for someone…


Twitter on my TV is much more interesting than the Twitter telling me what you had for lunch

I’m generally a little disintersted in technology when it has a vague reason for existing. LinkedIn was something I couldn’t see being important to users because connecting with people they didn’t know  seemed like an anonymous popularity contest. And the people in the lead were the ones liked least, who excessively lobbied unknowing slutty linkers…


Trapeze progress

Yes, there is some progress. Not the greatest video quality because the actual catch was real solid, but anyway, here it is… [View:]


Now this is where you have to get out of the binary thinking in your head

Computer Engineer Barbie is making me 1) love the intention and 2) hate the medium. But I 1) love that the kids are excited and am 2) throwing up a little bit. And also 1) this is not the 1950s and 2) can we stop idealizing what it means to be a woman (clearly from the…


Many Annoyed by Bad Cell Phone Etiquette

As opposed to that good cell phone etiquette that delights. Oh jeez. OK, it’s really just the title that is bad (just sayin since I have been a little critical in this category lately), because this study looked at what behavior people actually participate in themselves (people actually admitted this stuff). Speaking of which, people…