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Well something happened to my news boycott of a few months ago (that was a few months ago, right?). It sneaked back into my life. Oooh, it's miserable. Miserable! I think it was that week off from work at Thanksgiving. And it's my need for background noise in the morning. I'm weak.

And I am...well....peeved may be a polite way of putting it. One of Tiger's (alleged!) mistresses is having a press conference. Yeah. this is what passes for news.I don't dismiss cheaters. In my opinion, there's no "forgiving"...marriage over. And all the outrage that Tiger is a secret scum bag? Why do we assume that the famous and talented weren't always scumbags? If we can get our heads around that, maybe we can skip all the press conferences and publicist statements. I mean, aside from hoping that Elin got a few good swings in, I don't care. Oh, OK, violence is never the answer. But in this case, I bet it really helped make a few points. Do you use an iron or a wood for that?

And Meredith Baxter. Why is someone's sexual orientation even something that they have to get nervous about and announce to Matt Lauer? Why does it even bear mentioning? Let's say we pass some legislation and stop making a big fuss over who people choose to spend their lives with. Love is good and we should applaud it. Period. Yay, love. Next?

See what happens when I turn the TV on? I'm a big old hypocrite with an opinion. It's all so wrong. I wonder if what happened was that the "real news" (war and fear anyone?) was so heavy that we decided to add a little fluffy news to lighten it up and this is what we got. Don't change the channel folks: up next, insurgents in Baghdad and a report on what your favorite celebrity orders at Starbucks. I look at the Today Show, which was a morning staple in my house, and it's all crap, if you'll excuse my word choice. There's no news but there's Willard Scott, who I feel sorry for regularly as he sweetly says a bunch of stuff that doesn't make any sense and struggles to pronounce names like "Smith."  Today, it's edible holiday decorations. Oh and the Christmas commercials. Somebody save me.

Oh I know I could change the channel, but what I'm thinking is that there's a real opportunity here for alternative programming. I would benefit from someone talking to me in a soothing tone and never invoking the name of Ryan Seacrest. I may just be venting here, but I am also suggesting that while the interwebz will be clogged with all manner of randomness (surprised kitty?) that we can search on by word or topic as a means of filtering, the TV has our rapt attention and has a different opportunity or mission. I want something better. And if I get it, I swear that I'll buy what they're selling. Where's Deepak Chopra?

My venting has moved from "turn off the news" to "I deserve something better." Who's with me?

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  1. Andrew says:

    How about NPR? Or does it have to be TV?

  2. jtenos says:

    I’m with you completely.  I stopped watching TV news a long time ago, mostly because of the celebrity garbage and other nonsense that passes for 80% of news these days.  TV pretty much gets my attention during prime time and sports only – even sports news is getting unwatchable with all of the junk back stories they do now – a lot of the same "stories" as you’ll see on the regular tabloid shows.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Andrew – it doesn’t. The TV thing is a matter of habit, but I bet I can get NPR now that I have digital. I need to look into it. Good thought!

    jtenos – I was doing well there for a while, only watching my recorded shows.  I need to be more disciplined. It’s the background noise thing (really that it’s a habit to have background noise more than actually needing it) that’s tripping me up.

    The blow-by-blow of the Tiger Woods thing put me over the edge.

  4. Wine-Oh says:

    I have found that the busier I am, the less time I have to get caught up in the news. I read the headlines a couple times during the day at work. Just to keep up with the world and industry happenings. But now that I am working full time, I dont watch 4 hours of the today show, followed by the noon news, cnn, and the evening news programs. Or if I was newsed out, it was HGTV all day long. Either way, It gets a tad redundant if you ask me. I much prefer the high level headline approach.

    I am also a background noise kind of person. But lately when I get home, I want some quiet chill out time. Might put music on instead.

    I think what partially turned me off and using tiger as an examplye, is that the news presents the info as the story unravels. Often times giving wrong info or assumed info. Now Id rather hear the story after the fact with the correct info. ie what happened, who was involved, what was the situation and how is it being resolved. Same with the DC party crashers. How’d it happen and whos to blame. Alas the news industry does it on purpose so viewers tune in.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Good point about getting all the facts. It definitely seems that at some point, things changed.

    Hey, did you have a break in employment that I didn’t know about? If so, glad to hear that things have turned around. It seems like the economy is starting show some signs of life again. Either that or it’s a case of uncharactersitic optimism on my part.

  6. Wine-Oh says:

    Yes. Thanks! Me too. I dont have to be subjected to Kathie Lee and that awful 4th hour of the today show anymore. I am very very happy! 🙂

    Did you not get my E-mail announcing the news? I sent it the day before thanksgiving and got your auto responder e mail. Started this week in a new industry (for me), with a lot of interesting potential and opportunity given their current status. Also the company embraces interactive from the top down and its a big part of the day to day company strategy.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ooh, I am still sorting through mail from being out that week. That’s bad inbox management. I’ll find it and read it.

    Oh that 4th hour of the Today show. It is everything that is wrong with American television.

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    Hoda deserves better. I want to start a save Hoda campaign.

  9. NativeWizdom says:

    What is on TV is the result of "news organizations" being owned by corporation (GE owning NBC) or corporations owning news outlets, (if that what they call news!)  (FOX)

    Crap sells. Profits are sought. We watch they distort.


  10. Duncan says:

    I’ve never understood how people can watch US based news. I get my news fix from and a couple of other foreign websites.  

    As for TV, there was a 48 hour marathon of Phineas and Ferb this past weekend. Very funny and more educational that US news.  🙂  

    If I need background noise from the TV, then just stick it on HGTV or something..  Then you can scream at all those people wanting to buy 3000 sq foot houses because they want more space for their stuff.  I find it very relaxing 🙂

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    NativeWizdom – kind of makes me want to go home and crawl back into bed

    Duncan – we have low standards/expectations. With limited exposure to alternatives. I can get too wrapped up in HGTV. I’m a big fan of closet space and dining rooms.

  12. nonews says:

    Hey Heather, you should get a copy of Adbusters and see if you like it

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