Meeting personalities

When it comes to meetings, I have multiple personalities. Truth is that I don't like meetings all that much. I get that they are necessary. But I think a lot of the meeting behavior wastes time. I know, I know, we should all spend a bit of time talking about our weekend and such. But I have things to do, people. And that feeling that creeps over me; the "OK, I'll ask about your weekend camping trip, but do you know what I have to get done today?". well, that can be a little distracting.

There's how I am and how I want to be. And I am sure that some really well-adjusted, balanced person would tell me to just be who I am, but in a business setting, it just don't work. I always feel like I am in a hurry. So the compromise comes with being an adult...and a professional. Yeah. that too. And that light conversation at the beginning of the meeting. Don't worry, my co-workers know this and we can all have a laugh about it.

I am the worlds worst multi-tasker. I think it's over-rated. You can do 2 things half-a**ed or you can kick a** at one. I'll take what's behind door # 2, Monty. I make lists, I check things off when they are done to my satisfaction. Drive and talk on the cell-phone at the same time? Oh please, as if I could even physically execute that.

So when I look at the list of personalities in the FC article, I see a little bit of myself. In the Timekeeper ("Let's move along, folks. We are running out of time."). And ironically, in the "multitasker", only because if I have something bouncing around my monkey mind, I have to write it down so I can concentrate on the meeting. So technically, I think that is multitasking but there should be a category for people that come up with their best ideas for something else in the middle of a meeting. And I'd like to think a little bit of "the maestro." 

And "The snacker" will drive me crazy in an instant. Audible chewing (crunch, crunch, crunch and mouth open) turns me into the "angry meeter." The person that also reminds people several times, to put their phones on mute until the noisy offender gets it right.  What? That's not on the list? 

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