The 24 year old that designed the Windows 7 screen

This will make you feel old and stale if anything will. Because Chuck Anderson is amazingly talented. And 24. Yeah, 24. When he was born, I was staying out too late, smoking cigarettes and going to keg parties hoping that the police didn't show up. But anyway.

(Don't refer to him as a kid, Heather. Don't refer to him as a kid) He's the awesome talent that designed the Windows 7 home screen. In this Gizmodo article, he talks a bit about the process.


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  1. josh maher says:

    really? ranting about how young the guy is, like you can’t have talent at a young age? That’s ridiculous!!

    How old was old Bill G. when he started MS? How old is Mark Z.?

    Just so you don’t have to look it up or anything – Bill G. was 20 and Mark Z. (of facebook) is 25…

    This designer guy is far from uber talented – designing something great should be expected of anyone his age – it’s not starting a company that is changing the world or anything. No wonder so many MS employees get the nickname softie…

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    How was that ranting? I was admiring his talent at such a young age.  Try having a sense of humor.

    What’s your damage, josh? Jealous of him?

  3. josh maher says:

    No worries Heather, admiring and being jealous is ok, perhaps I was too harsh 🙂 I guess it is good that you are embracing this guy as a valuable contributor to the company – My apologies

    I get worked up on the age thing sometimes and think we should not be shocked by the ingenuity of 20 somethings and younger, they are a great group and too often older generations write them off and don’t afford them the opportunities to do good things with.

    For the record, I’m closer to his age and not jealous, I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone in their 20s…

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Little harsh. No harm done.  🙂

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