In-flight editorial is totally hot and covered with cooties

So it seems that in-flight magazines are the cockroaches of publication. Oh, only in their ability to survive the print-edition apocalypse (speaking of which, what is going on with Cher?). But what happens when more carriers offer wireless interwebs connectivity? And that captive audience is suddenly tracking their fantasy football teams and viewing videos that…


Navel gazing versus observing on Twitter

Oversharers that we are, Twitter has been asking us “What are you doing?” and we have responded with statements, squeezed into that little box. I don’t like having my personality squeezed so. And so I have opted to update my status on Facebook (or both Twitter and FB when I remember) and blog here where…


Meeting personalities

When it comes to meetings, I have multiple personalities. Truth is that I don’t like meetings all that much. I get that they are necessary. But I think a lot of the meeting behavior wastes time. I know, I know, we should all spend a bit of time talking about our weekend and such. But…


If this isn’t evil, it’s at least suckage

And gimmicky.  Using ads are one thing. I’ve gotten good at ignoring them. But requiring my attention? Well that is crap. Using the technical term. I don’t like to tag companies with “evil.” Because a lot of what people like to refer to as “evil” is really just companies opting for the interests of the…


Up for one, down for two

Brand logo, flushing toilet. Does there always have to be a difference?


Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Have you heard that grunge is coming back? As someone who missed the full-on grunge experience, Seattle-style. I really hope it’s coming back. If so, it has some work to do. Maybe it’s about the fashion. As much as I eschew anything with a collar (check it, friends….when was the last time you saw me in…


"The camera changed the way we behaved"

“Citizen journalism” (article by Paul Carr) is slippery.  It’s a big category with room for self-involved lookiloos (‘look at me looking at this”, as Paul Carr aptly states) and hopeful, passionate crusaders putting a face and an action to a cause. Some may argue that citizen journalism doesn’t exist. OK, I am one of those people. Applying the…


The 24 year old that designed the Windows 7 screen

This will make you feel old and stale if anything will. Because Chuck Anderson is amazingly talented. And 24. Yeah, 24. When he was born, I was staying out too late, smoking cigarettes and going to keg parties hoping that the police didn’t show up. But anyway. (Don’t refer to him as a kid, Heather….


Arrington, please

For the educated (by Gawker media) reader, how much of this do you think is driven by an actual business issue and how much is driven by hubris? At what point is one embarrassed by actually behaving like a “diva”? A one hour mistake and Arrington is seeing red, and flipping out about MSN being…