Regretful. But it’s handmade!

Cliff Kuang (but clearly not a Fast Company editor) highlights some of the worst handmade crafts to be found on Etsy. I've made purchases through Etsy before; I like unique hand-crafted stuff and I like supporting the little guy. But some of this stuff is really ...well, "bizarre" just doesn't cut it. I don't even have to ask if it's all real. It's a very strange world out there. And our electronic economy brings it all to your door for a price (plus shipping and handling).

So there is this amusing stuff (I'm still giggling about the fish in a squirrel suit), but there's another point here. Are you starting to feel like the media (specifically online) are trying to draw our attention with the fish in a squirrel suit? What made me think about this is the buzz about the David Letterman situation which seems to not be about the actual crime but about his personal situation (which is none of our business). Morality sure gets people fired up when they want to apply theirs to someone else. I feel manipulated (and really don't give a rip about what Letterman does in his free time...there are creeps all around us). I want the actual news. No fish, no squirrel suits.


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