Why yes, it is rude.

I am baffled at the lack of cell phone etiquette exhibited by some people. It's unbelievable. Otherwise normal people really disappoint me sometimes. The worst is when I am dining out with someone and they answer their phone. Their message to me is: you just sit there quietly while I have a loud conversation with someone that is more important than you. My new policy is to tell them, right before they answer, that they have one minute before I leave. I know, it sounds snotty, but I can't help it. They should know better.

Anyway, just read these etiquette tips from AT&T, which are just common sense people! I'm waiting for the backlash: just because you *can* be connected 24x7 doesn't mean you should. The trade-off for being connected is that you are frequently and notably, very, very annoying.

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  1. I agree says:

    You hit the nail on the head! WORD!

  2. Henrik M. Pedersen says:

    Hi Heather.

    You are absolutely right. We have become to egoistic and self centered. Thus sacrificing our social skills, on the altar of efficiency.

    Question: How many of our co-workers can survive 14 days without a computer, cell phone and an internet connection?

    Answer: My guess is less than five percent.

  3. RecruiterGuy says:

    Dear friend… I’m of the opinion that there is one other instance worse than when someone answers their phone during dinner.  It’s the people that answer while using the restroom – whether public or not.  (I always thought public restroom should have been added to that etiquette list!)

    If I wasn’t such a tree hugger I’d flush as many toilets as possible while they’re chatting away. LOL


  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Henrik, I know that I can. In fact, for me to relax, I need to totally disconnect. I think people are addicted to their cell phone because of poor self-esteem. It makes them feel needed to be connected all the time. I see through it.

    CH – I didn’t know you were a tree hugger. Hmmm. THumbs up for that. I hear you on the bathroom thing. Plus the accoustics really amplify the sound. Decorum, people! Do you really need to chat while you poop? Please tell me you aren’t pooping. (Yeah, I said poop on my blog)

  5. Amybeth Hale says:

    Nothing bugs me more than someone texting while I’m talking to them. That says whatever is *potentially* going on in their phone is more important than what’s going on – LIVE – right here.

    Other bothersome times when people answer their phones:

    – in the movie theater (and then proceed to talk LOUDLY while others are trying to watch)

    – in church (yes, I’ve seen that happen)

    – during a business meeting (saw a woman answer her phone while someone was presenting to a room of 100 people…and she proceeded to have a conversation)

    I love what you said:"just because you can doesn’t mean you should". I wrote a post about this not too long ago, quoting from Jurassic Park one of my favorite lines: http://researchgoddess.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/could-vs-should/ although the focus on my post was about being present in social media, it certainly applies to cell phone usage! No one wants to hear your drama 🙂 hehe

    Thanks for this post!

  6. tod says:

    Here, here!  And the bathroom thing is bad. I DO flush the toilet a few times…water is renewable, right.  🙂  Besides, nothing more gross than seeing someone standing at the urinal, move their hand from their johnson (excuse my language) to their cell phone, flush and then walk out without washing their hands. Yuck. Note to self: Don’t shake his hand if I’m ever introduced.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    AmyBeth – in the movies? Really. Holy cow.

    tod – people are gross. I love the people who just walk out of the stall and out the door, even though you are right there. They won’t even wash their hands for the benefit of their reputation. No, you didn’t pee on your hands, but you just touched a door knob previously touched by a bunch of other people that did. And you should just wash your hand several times a day anyway. Don’t even get me started on hand sanitizer. It doesn’t mean your hands are clean, folks! Just not infectious. I’m gonna go wash my hands right now!

  8. RB says:

    I’m talking on the phone while I write this.

  9. lee says:

    There is never a proper time to be rude on the phone as it is an indecent act.

  10. I hate when people do this…but I must admit, I’ve exhibited some terrible cell phone etiquette myself. Thanks for the reminder to not be rude!

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