Hot hot heat

Seattle is broken. Or a little melty. Mother of pearl, these people cannot handle heat. I want to tell them that all the whining makes them hotter. It's a scientific fact. The thermometer in Seattle says 93 degrees, so that means we are 5 degrees short of a boy band. It's 100 in my backyard. I have been through a heatwave before. That one in Chicago, was it '95, where all those people died? I had no AC and no screens. Oh no, I am not kidding. Happens.

I hate to sound all zen and healthy, but the moment I gave in to the heat, I felt fine. Literally, consciously, saying to myself "I am not in control here but I surrender." All the angsty "crap, I am hot!" just went away. I remind myself not to turn on the TV and not to engage in the pity party. Welcome to the introduction of global warming. Make yourself comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be. We all move a tiny step closer to becoming one of those California raisins.

The only real concern for me is my dog Jonas. He's clearly uncomfortable. He's laying down in parts of the house he never visits. Laying across the front door (which is not cool, incidentally) as if to say get me the hell out of here. Sorry, baby. It's hot out there too. I picked him up from the groomers Monday and it did cross my mind that perhaps some of his discomfort related to the care bear scarf they put around his neck. Kind of clashes with his everyday skulls collar, but funny, nonetheless. He's not keen on getting squirted with the spray bottle and not gulping down the water. There's no relief when you are wearing a fur coat.

 Anyway, the ironic thing is that I was in Vegas this past weekend. Yeah, Vegas. Where it was actually cooler than it is here. What can you say about Vegas that hasn't already been said a million times? We stayed at the Wynn Encore which was just lovely. They do a great job there; especially the part where they pick my pocket. And I helped them. Aside from pretty much dumping out my wallet at their request, there is something about Vegas that makes me sad. I have always appreciated the fine art of gambling. I like the idea of the possibilities, but also think you should never gamble with money that you aren't willing to lose. Cuz chances are you will. Lose it. All. And yeah, I left with no bills in my wallet.

There was one thing that made me sad about Vegas: there was this undertone of people uncomfortable in their own skin; posers abound. People go to Vegas to live a different lifestyle for a short while. And you see young girls all glammed up when you know that it's uncomfortable, teetering on heels, face full of vampy make-up. Vegas almost demands that you put it all on to have the "Vegas experience", and you comply. Well, you do when you are young. Boys all getting drunk, acting like they are just a bit smoother than they are in real life, because a movie told them how to do it. It reminded me of the fact that you could not pay me enough to go through my twenties again.  I'm not sure why I connected so much with this sadness.The trip was awesome: In N Out burger, walking the strip, playing the tables, shopping the outlet mall, amazing cocktails, great people-watching. But walking away with a sense that people felt they could not be their authentic selves there. It just stuck with me a little bit. All that heat and this is what I walked away with. That and the fact that drunk girls in tiaras are certifiably the most annoying people on the face of the earth. Check it.

Anyway, I needed the break. Just the change of scenery that comes with a girls weekend. As my sense that "I've got this" deepens, it's good to make sure I've got it in Vegas too. I do. I don't need to go back to Vegas for a while. That's how it works. You soak it in, like it's forced into your pores. You have no choice, from that first "Wheel...of...Fortune!" you hear coming off the plane, to the last spin that takes that 75 cents you were saving for a rainy day.

So I guess that somehow I came back with a refreshed sense of perspective (gee, thanks only cost me how much?). So really, the heat doesn't seem like that big a deal, nor does the hole in my bank account.Vegas was swirling all around me and somehow I found a little chunk of peace and none too soon.


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