As you gather for your awkward family 4th of July

You know, Aunt Ruth always brings the fruit salad with the marshmallows. And that don't float in Seattle. And Jimmy tinkles in the pool. Cousin Lisa brings a new boyfriend and everyone calls him by the name of the old boyfriend.

Anyway, as you gather for your awkward family 4th of July, remember that it could be *more* awkward. And it could be caught on film.

Comments (5)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Marney sounds like a wonderful person to spend the holidays with. It’s a shame something came up at the last moment. I was really looking forward to visiting.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Dear Marney,

    The rest of us voted and Thanksgiving is at Lisa’s house this year. Sorry for the late notice. Please return our 7 serving spoons (not soup spoons), and two regulation casserole dishes…

  3. Bad_Brad says:

    Wow.  Just wow.

    I’m actually even more intrigued by the "Bunny Love" photo.  What a crazy site – thanks for sharing!

  4. Wine-oh says:

    This is why my family goes out for thanksgiving dinner or away. Oh and I’d be the guy who didnt follow instructions on purpose and risk getting yelled at.

    What if I brought 10 pounds of potatoes and not 15 or 4 pounds of asparagus instead of 5, or a cherry pie instead of pumpkin? HUH?! 🙂

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Bad_Brad, the bunny is so creepy. Do not look directly at it or it will eat your soul.

    Wine-Oh, sound like you have a good idea. There were many years where I refered to my "traditional Christmas spaghetti" because I resisted the urge to accept any invitations (with my family it involves travel). The food is great and all, buit I am not sure it’s greatness exceeds that hassle of it all!

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