Advertising suckage

I love True Blood (the HBO series for you noobs). The advertising they did (advertising in the form of faux advertising posing as advertising....oh, just click the link already) is horrendous. Here's the thing with a clever concept (which I think this was...pretty clever at least): crappy execution is just going to undo all that clever juju you had built up. These faux ads themselves are more corny than clever. They would totally not fly today, even if the undead were among us. The undead would certainly require more witty, fresher ad copy. The vampires may have come from the past but they walk among us now. They have seen better. Boo to whichever ad weenies did this. Boo!

I do like the NZ ad, unrelated to the launch stuff. But it's hard to watch something that could have been so good go so wrong. And this is the concept for my first vampire-inspired country tune.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    If you hadn’t pointed out that these were advertisements for a TV show, I never would have gotten the punchline. The URL is incredibly small, and the product tie-ins seem forced.

    I don’t get any idea of what the show is about (except vampires). The whole thing seems very haphazard. Is it a comedy? Drama? Horror? No idea… And if I don’t get a feeling of what the show is about, I don’t think I will be tuning in.

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