Things to like about jury duty…

Free bus ticket.

That is all.

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  1. derek z says:

    Seriously great people watching of your juror "peers"!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wish I could publish a facebook status feed here. Some of these people are pretty squirrely. Fortunately, I’ve had an Expedia employee and a fellow Microsoftie at my table. So the immediate environment, other than the mouth open nut eating lady, poses no threat of getting any crazy on me.

  3. Joe Enos says:

    What about the $1.50/hour paycheck they give you for attending?  Isn’t that worth it?

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Joe – I just donatated it to the child care center.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    I need to stop being crabby. "Democracy" is another thing to like about jury duty. Geez, Heather, the chairs aren’t even uncomfortable. The old lettuce stuck to the magazine was gross, but easily avoidable (as I do magazines in any public place)

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    One of the interesting things is watching a very diverse group of people chat with each other here. An old granny with a young person, people going out to lunch together. It feels a little like a Coke commercial in here except we aren’t in a field of wheat. Did I just date myself with that analogy?

  7. Todd in Chicago says:

    "I’d like to teach

    the world to sing….

    In perfect harmony….

    With honey bees

    And apple trees

    And snow white turtle doves….."

    That’s the Real thing…..  


    Happy Friday!

    Todd in Chicago

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, you are worse then me. I didn’t know all the words! 🙂

  9. Bad_Brad says:

    Think about our political and legal system over here.  Then think about the way it is in the rest of the world (watch the news for five minutes and see what’s going on in Iran, for example).  Thank your lucky stars for the system we have here.  Then, buck up, take your $10 stipend and your day away from the office, do your small part to make that system work, and stop whining about it.

    /rant over

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Bad_Brad – you must have missed the part where I mentioned Democracy as one thing to be thankful for (and metnioned that I should stop being crabby). I wish you had a blog, because you are no doubt "perfect". Thanks for setting me straight.

  11. Bad_Brad says:

    Yep, that’s me, perfect in every way.  🙂

    Sorry if my post came across as rude and arrogant – I am annoyed just as you are by having to take time to do jury duty and probably would complain about it in my blog just as you did if I had one … then my rational side would kick in and tell me that it’s a small price to pay to make our judicial of a "jury of your peers" truly work.  Sort of like the sequence of thoughts you went through.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    Just needed to process, Brad. I don’t have a thesis every time. Sometimes, just a knee jerk reaction to sitting in a muggy room with 200 of my closest pals and trying to get on buggy wifi. If that doesn’t call for some self-indulgent whining, I don’t know what does. Take it easy on my…it’s the close of the fiscal year and it’s a wonder I have time to blog at all.

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