Classic weenie

Occasionally, I am reminded of this memo. One of the best memos I have read. And coincidentally (synchronistically, perhaps), I had a guest speaker throw me a t-shirt in a presentation today and I left it there. Not only because I am not an XL (I could have made pillows out of that thing...several), but because I have fashion sense. And because long ago, after the novelty of branded t-shirt wore off (perhaps 6 months after I started here and I started giving a while the several I had stacked in my closet...back then, the concept of "more" was still resonating with me), I stopped picking up t-shirts when offered. I am more of a sticker gal so I can use them to graffiti up my laptop (trust me, nobody gets my used laptops, I use them until they die (and sometimes that happens with a cute little puff of smoke from a foul smell emitting's that for n-1?).  And I had a conversation today that involved the utterance of the word deeply meaningful across the Microsoft campus (if you have been here for some length of time): "towels". Oh, gawd, the towels.

Here I go with the cosmic messaging thing again. In one day, I have a meeting about sending out an RFI for services ($$), I have a t-shirt tossed my way and we plan reservations for a team dinner (which interestingly serves shrimp but no weenies) and sits over a restaurant that serves weenies and no shrimp. 10-4, message received.

Yesterday (was it yesterday?) , I'm getting those "you can have it all" messages. I just watched "Tori and Dean" (don't judge, I want her to be my friend and I want my own "gay posse"!) and the whole episode was about her finding difficulty striking a balance between her role as mother and her work. Interesting. Something discreet sent me over the edge about that topic yesterday. Gotcha universe. I'll be paying more attention to improving my life outside of work. Cuz lawd knows, the work side of the equation, well, my cup overfloweth.

And the speaker we had today talked about creating life rules. And I was just worrying about the fact that I'm low on blog fodder, mostly because I find very  few things interesting when work is humming.  Anyhoo, what I get from this (and tell me if you would draw the same conclusion) is that I need to create my own life rules, not just for work (where I am pretty consistently n-1), but also in my personal life. Even if I have to date some weenies.

Wait, what?

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