No you di’int, Dell

I can't believe they have gone there. Or rather here.

Gee, I want a light computer that I can carry in a pretty bag. And I want to meet with my friends and we can all bring our fruity-colored laptops and look at Jessica Simpson's fat picture. Whee!  And I need a "life organizer" because..oh wait, what was I just saying? I forget. And I want fashion advice from the people that make my pretty mini computer. This is really beyond the pale.

Seriously, I cannot believe that I am seeing this. Hey Dell, how about acknowledging the diversity of you customer base on your site. Because this fluffy, dumbed-down interpretation of what you think women want makes me sick to my tea drinkin', yoga stretchin' stomach. This is what you think women want? Oh, I am about to get angry right now. I can't be funny right now. I am cheesed off.

Over and out.


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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oops, meant to include the hat tip to Suzanne:

    Maybe my little old brain was too busy counting the calories in my morning smoothie that it just couldn’t remember. (You can’t hear the squeaky voice I am using to say this, but it’s there)

  2. Todd in Chicago says:

    LOL……Dell the evil giant….as much as I don’t care for them, their price/value ratio is still actually pretty good.

    Hmmm…see Heather…….I always saw you as a pastel pinks and yellows kinda gurl…..LOL!!  KIDDING!

    Actually, I think you are someone who would enjoy having your laptop decked out in something cool….check out a site called Infectious; they offer really cool (not always corporately correct) skins for laptops, iPods, iPhones, etc.  Really cool stuff….if ya like that sort of thing….and I do!

    Happy Friday to ya!

    Todd in Chicago

  3. mooseabout says:

    I would love to see a flashy red computer with matching bag and very light weight of course.

  4. CmraLvr2 says:

    Amusing.  I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    My Wife has expressed disgust with the stereotypical behavior parodied above as recently as last week after attending a child b-day party.  

    The reality is she was the only one to not participate in fashion conversation during the whole thing.  If her descriptions of the event is a representative sample then I’d say from a marketing standpoint Dell is on the mark.  Most people this would offend already have laptops and/or netbooks and/or know what they want so they would be oblivious to this.

    Even if Dell gets some type of viral backlash I imagine it would be like free advertising and increase sales.

    Of course, all this is merely musings as I have no basis for my conclusions other than logic.  As many say, this is for entertainment purposes only…

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Todd – I actually have a Dell with a cool design, but I don’t find it to be feminine. And I hate all computer cases so I have a big bag (See by Chloe, if anyone cares) that fits all my crapola plus my computer and looks cute. But not cute in a computery way….cute in a "nice bag" way.

    Mooseabout – then you should be able to find that on the Dell site without having to be bombarded with insulting stuff.

    CmraLvr2- Interesting. OK, I see your point. Let me add to that. If the site was for stay-at-home moms, or moms who have birthday parties that other moms are expected to come to, then it wold make sense. I htink they painted with a broad brush on their campaign though. I think that maybe there was some faulty analysis on their target market.

    For me personally, I would talk about fashion but would get bored with it quickly, I’d be unnerved by the sound of a bunch of kids screaming, I like pretty laptops but only if the laptop I like comes in a pretty version (I’m in the "form follows function" camp) and would like to see all my options in one place. Did you see the part where they have suggestions on what you can use the netbooks for? Counting calories? It just all takes a very limited and condescending view of females.

    It might be one of those things where it’s hard to feel insulted if it isn’t your issue.In my work life,  I have had a co-worker that called me "kiddo" (none of the guys, just me). I had someone tell me hired me because of the way I looked (he thought it was a compliment) and I have worked at companies where the managers were men and the worker bees were women. I don’t generally have an agenda because it really hasn’t been an issue for me lately. But the insinuation that all women would appreciate the condescending crap on that site makes my blood boil.

    I’m not saying that women aren’t the majority of the consumers of that technology (I don’t know and I don’t care), but I am saying that the approach is all wrong bc it assumes that women are shallow and simple (and frankly, kind of ridiculous looking).

    Dell won’t get any love from me on this, unless they buy me flowers and candy and compliment my clothes (it’s a joke). My next computer will be an HP or a Lenovo.

  6. RB says:

    Dell’s marketing has been off-target for quite a while now. No surprise.

  7. CJ says:

    There is a glimmer of hope though – I note from their site Dell is now on FB, MySpace and Twitter. Giant corporate gorilla is fully on-board sites for teenagers – Has Web 2.0 and more specifically, social media, jumped the shark (oh please (oh please, let it be true)?

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    CJ – What they lose in misogyny they make up for in web savvy? Yay, spreading poor messages about women to even more people! Now every teenage girl can learn how to stay in her box and track recipes on her PC. Woohoo.

    (You know, I won’t be happy until this site is down)

  9. Wine-oh says:

    The only way I see this idea working is if people could design their own covers. Just how at Capital one you can upload the photo of your choice for your credit card. IE your dog or children can be on your visa card. Or how on you can design your own sneakers. Maybe kids would be inspired to design a cool cover for their laptop.

    With that said the flip side and reality is, parents and people in general are not spending $$$ on new laptops. So its a bad time for Dell to introduce this.

  10. web says:

    AND you can shave your legs with it!

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