And now for some humor…

I am so glad my family doesn't do this.


We find other ways to embarrass ourselves.

Comments (4)

  1. Amy Richman says:

    Heather, this is absolutely hilarious.  Thanks so much for the unexpected giggle today!

  2. Derek Z says:

    I suspect – if you "dare” your co-workers to submit photos for an 80’s appreciation day, you are bound to get a few close to this. I know I have a valuable 80s photo (or two) from my youth just lying in wait.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    I wonder why I wasn’t brave enough to adopt as much of an eighties look as some people. I never even had the big bangs and I feel like I missed out on some of the fun. Boo.

  4. Linda R says:

    OMG, I’m sure my family has those "braces" pictures around!

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