Where eating becomes a challenge to get it down and keep it down

Some things make me fear for humanity (or is it "fear humanity"?).  Some of those things involve what humans will do to their bodies. And frankly, what they will do to their bodies for the approval of others. What they are proud to do to their bodies. What they will, voluntarily, put into their bodies by way of their digestive system. And the reasoning that allows them to justify this. We are fast food nation.

Some people are emotional eaters, some eat out of boredom. And then there are people that eat because they are disgusting; it's in their DNA and they cannot help but ingest the most vile gut-buster they can get their hands on. Evidently, they have shows on the food channel now. This is their menu.

For the rest of us, it the the food freak show. I cannot even begin to imagine.

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  1. Joe Enos says:

    This stuff makes me feel a lot better about what I eat.  I do on occasion over-indulge on high-calorie or high-fat foots, but I never considered deep frying a pizza or having chocolate-covered bacon.  Although some of that stuff did look pretty good – I might give that meat-cake thing a try… 🙂

  2. Lauren Smith says:

    What types of food can’t you bring yourself to eat?

    I mean, I looked at the page and thought about the deep fried chicken skin. It’s very similar to the grilled chicken skin that I eat every now and then here in Japan. And the Scotch Egg may be heart attack-inducing, but it also looks absolutely delicious.

    Now, gross for the sake of grossness (meat cake, seriously?) I have trouble with. But some of the things shown on that site are typical fare in some countries.

    Is it the grease? The calories? The combination?

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Say it ain’t so Joe! My stomach hurts just thinkig about it.

    Lauren – It’s the fat, the calories, the greasy taste, the combinations, the size, the sugar, the refined flour and sugar, the processed foods, the unnecessariness and just the overall yuck factor. I’ll have a burger or pizza every now and then, but none of these things make it into my regular diet (alone or in combination). I know that each country has it’s idea of indulgence foods. I’d rather have sushi.

    Where’s the lettuce?

  4. Wine-oh says:

    For me, I am limited to what I can eat due to a food allergy (wheat, glutens, etc). So while I may have a burger its without the bun. But at the same time have to be careful because some restaurants put bread crumbs in their burgers. I like Food Network but dont watch it all that much, because none of it is appetizing to me. I am in awe of their creations (more the desserts than the food), and dont think people actually cook/eat like that at home. I like to be creative when I cook and not follow recipes. Sometimes its a success and more times than not it goes in the garbage. But I have fun along the way.

    I think college was a rite of passage for not caring what you ate, but now that Im in my mid 30s, its about taking care of one’s self.

  5. burg says:

    I was conflicted between wanting to hurl just looking at this, and wondering if I could watch someone else eat it…  Some of that stuff is down right foul.. while the oreo cookie was impressive.  

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, i am allergicto wheat as well. But it is a mild allergy. Certainly  not enough to do anything about my carb addiction!

    burg – I think I would like to see the people who eat this stuff. My curiousity would make me want to ask them to get on a scale but there is a limit to how rude I will be to satisfy my curiosity.

  7. Wine-oh says:

    I avoid wheat products, but I do eat rice pasta and rice bread. So I havent eliminated the carbs from my diet either. 🙂 I am a self proclaimed carb addict.

  8. Derek Z says:

    Holy cow (with a side of bacon wrapped pork loin cookies please) I  just gained 10 lbs reading this.

  9. egcarter says:

    Ahh, the Loco Moco.   A staple here on the Big Island of Hawaii.   Created at Cafe 100 in Hilo many years ago, one can find it and its variants all ovah!   Ever notice how many <ahem> large folks there are in the islands?    Combine a genetic disposition for big frames in the Polynesian populations with dishes like loco moco and a more sedentary lifestyle than in historical times and…

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Derek Z – I am having stomach cramps just reading it!

    egcarter – I see that in many places. Though I will say that if anyone made me eat poi, I’d lose a bunch of weight pronto. It’s like eating paste. Blech. The spam sushi (forget what it’s called) is really growing on me though.

  11. egcarter says:

    I’m not crazy about poi myself, but if I eat it I prefer one-finga poi to two or three (thicker).   Spam musubi is the sushi that you speak of.   I am not a fan of Spam in any form.    Hawaii is the number one Spam consuming state per capita (by far).   Wartime hangover…

  12. Keith Patrick says:

    95% of that stuff made me think of vomiting, but I’ve had a few of those items (I can’t believe that a King Cake is listed in there!). Here’s my idea for most unhealthy carny snack, which I’ve been told numerous times is unfeasible (even though deep-fried ice cream works): deep fried butter stick.  Take a very frozen stick of butter and batter fry it.  I’m sure someone out there would eat it (I woudn’t).

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    Keith – all it would take is for some carnival owner to read that post. Hey, maybe someone wants to try it for fun. If it works for ice cream, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work for butter. Anyone have a background in molecular gastronomy?

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