Cranking up your neurobiology

Last October, I wrote about the work I am doing with Pathwise (whose concept is kind of like "bring your therapist to work day"...that's probably not doing them justice) and linked to a podcast with Chad Hattrup, one of the founders. Now Todd Hollow-Bist got into the podcasting game with an interview with Total Picture Radio himself. Feeling a little stressed out? Then these podcasts will help you, I promise.

When I saw that one of the topics was about how to work with someone with an obsessive compulsive personality orientation (which is not the same thing as having OCD, by the way. The disorders are the personality types taken to an extreme), I thought "why don't you just ask my co-workers?" because, I mean, let's call it what it is. And for any concern I might have about not being original (no, I did not invent obsessive compulsive personality traits and I'm not even that interesting of an example of it), there's comfort in knowing that I am not alone. Motivated by guilt? Check! Type A personality? Check!

Anyway, Todd and Peter Clayton also discuss the value of big picture thinking in this economy (on "Total Picture" radio....interesting) and how to use the concept of "suspended attention" (which I am now quite good at, if I do say so myself) to deal with stress (which I am quite bad at, if I do say so myself...I need to crank up the full-on meditation for that). Even the realization that you have feet can help you chill out. I kid you not. 

So I recommend listening to this podcast and if the psychoanalysis/personality traits stuff interests you as much as it interests me, I recommend this book.

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