Who will bring the presents if Santa dies?

From one of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong. Her daughter asks what we all really want to know: who will bring the presents if Santa dies?   Leta’s Christmas List from dooce on Vimeo.


Only one vice per season, please

Ho ho ho, it’s the time of year to feel that slightly uncomfortable tension between the “Merry Christmas” people and the “Happy Holidays” people. Aww, yeah….winter is in the air! So you will get a “Happy Holidays!” from me, not in the interest of being PC (and when, exactly did PC become a bad thing?),…


Dear Sir/Madam…

How frequently do I get correspondence that starts this way? Too frequently. I can make allowances for the blog spam; well, for the salutation, but not the spam itself. But when someone writes to me, asking for help with their resume, I start to worry. I’m thinking about some of my blog topics and although…


Greatest hits: interview prep

I took a look at this older post recently and thought I would share it because I think it holds up pretty well. Companies have gotten more and more sophisticated with interview techniques and I think what was once thought of as the “Microsoft interview” can be used at any number of companies and interviewers….


Finding recruiters and stalking them like a pro

We live in interesting times. Can we all agree on that? I remember the tanky economy in 91 and then again in 99. And like, now. The one benefit we have now is the social media that energizes and streamlines our ability to connect with just about anyone. I’m not just talking about your high…


Alternative programming

Well something happened to my news boycott of a few months ago (that was a few months ago, right?). It sneaked back into my life. Oooh, it’s miserable. Miserable! I think it was that week off from work at Thanksgiving. And it’s my need for background noise in the morning. I’m weak. And I am…well….peeved…


How does an annulment work?

Some things are timely. Some things are funny. Some things just scream “look at me! I am an egomaniac!”   Not even a little cute.


Two Louder?

Can it be?   But it goes to eleven. (Tip to  Andy….will update with link…Andy?)

Using LinkedIn for your Job Search

Oh, this is the blog post I would have liked to have written about LinkedIn if I had time and the attention span. Glen, who usually writes a blog about recruiting for recruiters, shares some of those recruiter best practices from LinkedIn that you can use in your job search. If you are currently looking for employment,…