So the fact that my dad sent this to me means?

This (which has no embed code, dernit)

And by this my dad means:

a) Happy holidays, daughter! As a Christmas present next year, I'd like to have a son-in-law. If the best you can do is a "dual bag", that's OK with me. Get used to the idea. Clock is ticking.

b) Happy holidays, daughter! So men can be "dual bags". And your inability to deal with that will keep you single forever. I have finally come to terms with that which you already knew. And in honor of that fact, check out this funny video. Dual bag....funny.

c) JC Penny makes nice jewelry.

d) I like folding towels.

e) Did you remember to buy a present for the dog?


PS: I don't want to get angry emails from men. If I need the disclaimer that this does not apply to all men, then here you go.


Comments (2)

  1. Bad_Brad says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into your father sending you that.  I watched it and thought it was funny as heck.  I think many generations of men can relate to this one.  Your father probably just thought it was funny.

    And in most cases, parents don’t really want a son-in-law or daughter-in-law.  They really just want grandkids.  Although I suppose the son-in-law or daughter-in-law is generally an intermediate step in that, um, process.  But I suppose you already know all of that.

    Me, my wife asks me for practical gifts every year for Christmas and her birthday (which is Dec 16, meaning I have not one but two chances to get into the doghouse this time of year).  Two years ago after the windstorm, she asked me for a generator.  This year, she’s asking me for an air compressor.  I never fall for it, though.  I avoided the doghouse on the birthday gift, I bought her a three-hour culinary school class that she and I can do together (and arranged for a sitter for the kids).  I’m still struggling with Christmas, though.  She did recently point out that the last time I bought her a piece of jewelry was Valentine’s Day 2006.  So I should probably buy her some jewelry.  Did you know that JCPenney has nice jewelry?  I think I may go there after work today and get her something.  🙂

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, I know he wasn’t trying to say anything. It just made for a funnier blog post if I implied that he did.

    It’s funny about your wife. My birthday is next week. So here come the combo xmas/birthday gifts. I generally kind of forget it’s my b-day but this one is a big one. So it’s on my mind. Not in a bad way.

    I also appreciate the useful gifts and I understand about the generator. Last weekend, I made my neighbor confirm that he had his generator on the premesis in case anything went wrong. My guess is that your wife gets enough romance in her life that she can ask for the useful gifts. You only expect something romantic if you aren’t getting enough romance in the first place. You may not know this but the cooking classes are kinda romantic. So good for you.

    And I am going to ignore what you said about JCPenny’s. I hear that they make really nice commercials. But the jewlery, not so much.

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