Reader participation: If everyone else likes it, why can’t I?

We sure had some fun with the top 5 rockingest songs ever....and I mean ever; except that some of those songs totally didn't rock and I think you knew who you were even before you posted them. It's OK, "to each his own" comes to mind here. Not everyone has to rock. Not everyone can. Frankly, it's a responsibility and people get caught up in your whirlwind. One must be careful. It's kind of like inadvertent hypnosis. But I digress.

Next up, so we don't fall down the music rabbit hole, are the foods that other people like that you just.don't.get. So first off, let me tell you that I am making my peace with pork. Oh why didn't I make that my blog header? I still haven't quite accepted ham as a food, but I have moved bacon from my gross/gross category to my good/gross category. I can eat foods with bacon in them, and am working toward that glorious day when I can actually eat a piece of bacon. Like one just sitting on a plate there.  That's progress!

So here is what I am looking for: foods that pretty much everyone else likes but that you just can't stand. Like, maybe you even have a hard time watching other people eat it because it reminds you of that one time that you accidentally put it in your mouth and then you were pretty sure you were going to have to spit it out but some authority figure was present and you had a cloth napkin and then someone asked you a question and so you had to actually eat said vile food product.

Is that enough of a set-up for you? Have at it, my friends.

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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’ll go first this time since something I just saw inspired me to write this post. First, though, let me say that my nasty foods fall into 2 categories: 1) gross/gross which means "hate it!" and good/gross which means that there’s something there that draws me to it on occassiona but then after I eat it I wonder why I did that.


    Gross/gross – parsley (yes it tastes like something and it’s something really bad), caraway seeds, ginger, Nutella, oysters, fois gras (or any other chalky substance, especially the liver derived types), cooked peas or carrots (and I have indeed thrown up from them, which I remember quite vividly…oh, the colors), ham.

    Good/gross – bacon, sweet & sour chicken, mayo, anything breaded and fried, cheap ice cream.

  2. Joe Enos says:

    gross/gross: I’d have to say mustard.  Everyone loves mustard, but it just makes me sick.  Even the fancy honey mustard or dijon stuff – it’s all the same to me.

    good/gross: KFC.  In my prime, I could eat a whole bucket of fried chicken, but anymore it just is disgusting to think about.  All that grease and fat…I still indulge a little bit on occasion, but like you said, after I’m done, I just wonder why I ate it, when I could have had something much tastier and healthier.

  3. Wine-Oh says:

    Grosser than gross:)

    1) Escargot

    2) Anything that swims and comes from the ocean

    3) Anything that oinks

    4) Broccoli (stinky)

    5) Vegemite (the worst food invention)

    6) Haggis (why?!)

    7) Most any food that contestants eat on The Amazing Race

    8) Airplane food (especially kosher airplane food)

    9) Anything deep fried (whats with deep fried twinkies? Are you asking for an instant heart attack?)

    10) Some deli meats (tongue, liverwurst, olive loaf) YUK!

    Im a meat and potatoes guy. Give me a steak any day 🙂

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Joe – I am not trying to make you gag, but I did coincidentally sit down with a bowl of mustard and some pretzels today. Not an idea lunch, I know. And I haven’t had KFC since college. Probably 4 times in my life. Really salty stuff. I probably feel the same about it that you do. A couple too many beers and I could find my way back there.

    Wine-Oh, I think most people would gree with most of your picks. I only feel differently about  #2 and sometimes 4.

  5. CJ says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and have tried many different things. Luckily I’m not terribly picky, but there are a few "staple" foods that I still cannot stand. Including:

    Eggs – Only acceptable when buried in a cake or some form of pudding.

    Mayo – There is never a good reason to include mayo in anything. Ever.

    White Onions – Yes, just the white ones.

    Sadly, when you combine the above you get egg salad and/or deviled eggs – unless you really dislike them you’re unlikely to realize just how often this horrible combo shows up during holidays and the summer time.

    I have eaten chicken feet in China, live Shrimp in Japan and cow anus in France (yes, you read that correctly) – would still rather have to eat that again than an egg salad sandwich.

  6. mattfras says:

    Corn… Stuf make s me start to want to gag…

    For my girlfriend it’s blueberries…

  7. skip says:

    Gross/gross/yucko – airline food hands dow(even worser then KFC or tacobell)   Also squid or fried octupus.

    Don’t mind bacon now and then and can choke down ham without barfing – if I really have to.  

    And zuccini bread – my mother loved it and I barfed it EXCEPT I ate it all the time right off the farmers stand, go figure  

  8. Ed Kuryluk says:

    gross/gross – coffee, any kind. The smell of a regular cup-a-joe makes me want to hurl. The aromas from the flavored varieties seem exagerated to the point of bad perfume. Just me, call me crazy.

    good/gross – Dunkin Donuts

  9. Hayli says:

    Margarine. Where’s the appeal in plastic butter?  

  10. Steve Boyko says:

    1. Hummus.  C’mon, it’s that stuff you put between bricks, you know, mortar.  It’s not food.

    2. Peanut butter.  It stinks!

    3. Nuts in general.  Can’t stand ’em. I’m not allergic, just repulsed.

    4. Coffee.  Maybe not food, but I can’t bring myself to drink it. I keep trying.

    5. Tea, except maybe iced.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    CJ – yes on the deviled eggs but definitely "no thank you" on the cow anus. Good gawd.

    mattfras – oh my! That leaves out a lot of foods!

    skip – mmm, calimari! It’s probably a texture thing, I would guess.  I think when you have barfed something it has a higher likelihood of ending up on the list.

    Ed K – I’m with you on the flavored coffees. Yuck!

    Hayli – oh ai M with you on that. The color of it alone!

    Steve Boyko – you have basically outlined the staples of my diet. Have you been following me? 🙂

  12. Steinkamp says:

    Okay so the first one is not actually by choice.  I am allergic to poultry.  Yes – all things that fly – Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Quail, Pigeon…..whatever.  So Heather, at Thanksgiving I eat your favorite – HAM.  So if by gross you mean anaphylactic shock – I’m in.

    As far as what other people like but I can’t stand it has to be shrimp.  The texture is gross and all I can think of while I am chewing is the "de-veining". Shrimp poop?  Gross….

  13. Keith Patrick says:

    Thought I already posted this, but maybe not (was in a drunken haze for part of the weekend):

    Cheeseburgers (but plain and w/ bleu cheese are OK) – I don’t like the mix of the fat of the burger with the fat of American cheese…no contrast

    Pop-Tarts – too dry, not enough filling. Much better alternative are Pillsbury Toaster Strudels

    Oreos – chalky cookie filled with pasty, gritty, flavorless hydrogenated something-or-other

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    Steinkamp – so turducken is out of the question, I suppose?  I hear ya on the shrimp thing though I had some this weekend (a friend works for a seafood distributor) and it would be very easy to over-intellectualize (like I do with the pork) and have my mind go to the poop place. Having said that, and not to put people off their lunch, but plenty of poop makes it’s way into our food without our knowing. never, ever eat mints out of those mint bowls at restaurants.

    Keith Patrick -good work on the drunken haze. That’s what weekends are for. I think American cheese is just wrong. If someone is going to have cheese, they should have cheese that tastes like something. So I do understand the logic of your burger issues. I usually skip the cheese on sandwiches bc it’s not worth the extra calories and fat when I can’t really taste it among the other toppings.  And I SOOOOOO agree on the tarts/strudel! I can’t buy toaster strudel bc it will be one be toasting and snarfing festival at my house. Simply love them. And I get the worst heart burn from Pop-tarts. Weird, huh? I find oreos realtively unsatisfying, but I will eat them if they are in front of me.

  15. Michael Favro says:

    Most of the stuff I don’t like are common dislikes – liver (well, organs in general, although in all fairness I haven’t tried many; just doesn’t sound appealing), oysters and mussels, squash (except zucchini and spaghetti; acorn and butternut are my most unfavorites), yams and sweet potatoes, chick peas (although I do like some flavored hummuses (hummi?) or mixed with sour cream and layered like a Mediterranean version of 7-layer dip with grated carrot, kalamatas, marinated artichoke hearts, green onion, feta cheese, a little of the artichoke heart marinade, scooped with pita chips).

    I like all the standard vegetables and fruits, cooked or uncooked (while I don’t favor raw celery, I don’t dislike it); love seafood in general (except for the aforementioned oysters and mussels); anything with the word "cheese" in it (except head cheese; and brie isn’t a favorite but I tolerate it); standard meats (not like haggis or scrapple or game meats (I’ve tried a few, with mixed results) – beef, pork, poultry, just about any cut); standard condiments (except "steak sauce" – A1 or Heinz 57 – why ruin a perfectly awesome steak? oh, and catsup on french fries – like celery, it doesn’t gross me out, I just don’t prefer it).

    About the only thing that I.just.don’t.get (and not everyone likes it, but there are many that do) is sushi.  My brother is a fanatic.  I just have never found the appeal.

    And, Heather, I agree about the Pop Tarts.  Just started getting heart burn from them the last couple years.  Not serious but uncomfortable enough that I don’t eat them much anymore.  At least not by themselves with a black coffee chaser like I used to (maybe the problem?).  I will eat one with a normal breakfast on occasion because I really still love the frosted brown sugar and cinnamon PTs!

    Speaking of drunken hazes, a fun follow-up might be "Have you ever eaten a food in a drunken haze that you wouldn’t normally?"

    Gold fish.

    Not the cracker.

  16. Randy Ellison says:

    Not sure why anyone likes these:



    Black Eye Peas

    Okra (Fried=good, boiled=bad, very bad)

    Coconut (Great way to ruin a perfectly good cake)

  17. Lauren Smith says:

    Uni: No thanks. I’ve had the "good stuff", and it still tastes like I expect my dirty socks do.

  18. HeatherLeigh says:

    Randy – I don’t get the okra thing either. Our cooks at my sorority house (yes, I was one of *those* people) were southern and I remember a time when more than one of us gained a few pounds from all the fried foods. The okra were a mystery and I decided to try them. I still can’t get over how they form a glue-like, stringiness when cooked. It’s kind of like when you prune a plant and that clear goo comes out. Same stuff. Gross. Now coconut is another thing. I know plenty of folks who hate it and I just don’t understand!

    Lauren – Uni? What’s that?

  19. Steve Boyko says:

    Ooh, coconut, I forgot that one.  Yuck.

    Heather, no, haven’t been following you 🙂  Strange coincidence, though.  My wife loves hummus but I just don’t get it.  I make peanut butter sandwiches for my kids but I am very careful not to get that nasty stuff on me. 🙂

  20. HeatherLeigh says:

    I just had PB and banana for late breakfast. Yum!

  21. Lauren Smith says:

    It’d be impossible for me to explain uni and make it sound like the delicious delicacy that it apparently is.

    Sea urchin guts

    Don’t everyone run to the sushi shop all at once, now!

    My wife loves it, as do so many of my acquaintances here. I just don’t get it.

  22. Keith Patrick says:

    Uni is my favorite variety of sushi. I generally describe it to people as "cream of the ocean" due to the combination of taste and texture. (BTW, it’s urchin gonads rather than the guts)

    Most people won’t touch the stuff, but I’ll eat just about anything (especially if it’s been on Bizarre Foods; if someone knows where I can order funazushi, lemme know!), with sushi as probably my favorite meal (healthy fat!). I also love okra – fried’s the best, but I like steamed/boiled as well.

  23. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mmm, tasty!

  24. Bad_Brad says:

    For me, the list comprises some Seattle area favorites (which begs the question of why the heck do I live here but I digress):

    1. Sushi.  I don’t get it.  Honestly.  I’ve tried it.  I don’t like it.  I get that it’s healthy, I get that it’s hip and cosmopolitan and makes you look multi-cultural and progressive and all those things.  I just don’t like the taste.  Period.

    2. Coffee.  Another acquired taste that I have never acquired.  Oh don’t get me wrong, on the 30th consecutive gray, rainy, gloomy winter day in Seattle when the high temp is 42 and the low temp is 40, I can understand why people need a kickstart in the morning.  I just prefer other methods of getting my system going than choking down something that I don’t like the taste of.  Never mind the fact that, regardless of how much Seattle people rationalize it, coffee really is not good for you.

    3. Tuna.  Can’t stand it.  Reminds me of cat food.

    4. Salmon.  I can eat salmon, I don’t mind it.  I just find it to be overrated.  I grew up in the midwest, so I wasn’t really introduced to "good" quality salmon until I moved here a few years go.  Another acquired taste, I suppose.

    5. Turkey stuffing.  I try not to be the grinch every Thanksgiving, so I do choke this stuff down, but I don’t like it.  Reminds me of something the cat puked up.  A bunch of random foods mashed together.  Yuck.

  25. HeatherLeigh says:

    It’s amazing to me how many people here don’t coffee. I’m actually quite surprised.

    I didn’t thikn I liked salmon either until I learned the difference between wild and farm-raised. SO I am now the annoying person in the restaurant asking if the salmon is wild.

  26. Cyndy says:




    Dark chocolate

    Cilantro – tastes like soap to me


    Taco Bell – sadly the best quasi-Mexican food in the Seattle area.

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